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Mar. 28, 2022

1.Key Benefits of road smart system

1.1 Advanced controls

Inefficient timers can be replaced with flexible, individual controls.

1.2 Energy efficiency

By dimming unnecessary lights and diverting power away from faulty units, energy consumption can be slashed.

1.3 Improved maintenance

Maintenance work can be sped up through the real-time reporting of faults.

1.4 Financially prudent

Installing controls as part of a pre-arranged LED upgrade makes good business sense.

1.5 An IoT platform

Additional sensors and smart city infrastructure applications – such as smart parking, smart waste, and air sensors–can easily be added later.

2. Disadvantages of traditional street lamp control system

2.1 The traditional street lamp control method has multiple pain points

- The timetable manually performs the operation of the switch lamp. 

- The time control mode is based on time as the only basis for the switch lamp. 

- The power carrier control is susceptible to the interference of the strong magnetic field of the power line. 

- The GSM short message control must be controlled. 

- Through the mobile phone, the cost is higher.

2.2 The problems of the above five traditional street lamp control methods

the operation results cannot be centralized monitoring, recording, and statistics, failing to meet the requirements of quantitative management, and the inspection and maintenance are extremely inconvenient and are not suitable for the development of urban modernization.

3. Advantages of ZIGBEE for smart led street light

3.1  Advantages of Zigbee technology

With the continuous advancement of modern urban construction work and the continuous implementation and implementation of the concept of smart city, the requirements for street lighting are getting higher and higher. How to remotely control the street lights on and off, the brightness adjustment, the street lamp inspection, and maintenance, etc. become an important direction of street lighting urban planning. In the field of wireless communication, Zigbee technology has received wide attention in the industry due to its low power consumption, self-organizing network, strong anti-interference, and large network capacity. According to the lighting control scene of the smart street lamp, ZigBee's technical advantages, the combination of the two can be said to complement each other. 

3.2 ZIGBEE road control system can realize functions

• A large number of street lamp nodes in the control network according to the characteristics of the self-organizing network, strong anti-interference. 

• large network capacity, and realize remote control of large-scale street lamps

• Through the local tactical function of the gateway and the urban lighting management platform, it is easier, more convenient, more refined, and more energy-efficient to adjust the brightness and darkness of road lights and smart light poles. 

• Road streetlight inspection and maintenance have always been a headache. However, after the intelligent upgrade, the street light controller will automatically report the fault data and display the location of the fault street light on the smart city management platform, so that the management of the street light changes instantly. It's simple.

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