1440W LED High Mast Stadium Light used in Baseball Park - Customer Feedback

The lighting of the baseball field is different from the lighting requirements of other stadiums. The size of the baseball field is about 1.6 times that of the football field. The shape is fan-shaped. The difference between the illumination value of the inner field and the outer field is very different. Generally speaking, the average illumination of the inner field is high. The average illuminance in the field is about 50%, so the uniformity of the external field illumination is difficult, that is, the illuminance value at the junction between the infield and the field is considered. In the design, the projection point and beam angle of each luminaire must be selected and calculated one by one. If necessary, the height of the pole should be adjusted to ensure that all kinds of lighting indicators of the baseball field meet the standard.

The following picture shows the engineering case feedback from our customers using our 1440W LED High Mast Light. After the lighting design of our engineers. The baseball park showed great lighting effects.

baseball park led lighting

baseball park led lighting

baseball park led lighting

The luminaire used in this case is baseball park 1440W LED High Mast Lights.

1440w led high mast light for baseball park

With the rapid development of LED chips, the application of LED lights has become very common. And our 1000w LED High Mast Light has 160LM/w high efficiency and high color rendering. And use lightweight materials. Safety and installation are more advantageous while ensuring efficiency.

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