• What's OEM

    1. OEM severice is what we design and manufacturer accordingly to the idea or application needed,it's totally unique,featured and competitive new product severice

    2. Since the market is subdivision and complicated,the common led lamps are not able to meet all needs,that's how come we provide OEM severice

    OEM Procedures

    oem service sign

    1. Customer needs:Either provide us your design or your idea and application details,we work out solution together

    2. Start project:All fee are agreed by both side and then sign sealed contract

    3. Developpment:Proceed with design strictly and provide sample in 20-30days

    4. Quality Control:Deliver samples for double check and use

    5. Short run production:According to the test results, modifying design and start small batch trial producion

    OEM advantages

    1. We are absolutely able to provie the most satisfied severice as we our have own power and professional R&D team

    2. We will provide the whole complete sample and details within 45-90days based on various kind of requests from clients

    3. Based on our abundant experience on LED lamps,your profit will be maximized under support of our team Your design will be totally sealed

    What our R&D department do

    1. Work out design and provide samples based on OEM/ODM

    2. New product,ovel product,special product are what we really focuse on

    3. Meets all kinds of construction,electric and optic stardard

    lamp shining innovation

    1. will build a company high-end research and development institutions in combination with the country's research and development projects and academic information resources platform

    2. to improve the planning,research and development framework,clear and expand research and development direction of system functions

    3. set up special research and development funds, equipment, enrich to adapt themselves to the future research and development ability of hardware conditions and team organization

    4. establish incentive mechanism, arouse the development potential of the existing team and with motivation

    5. strengthening the r&d department and Marketing Department to form a more closely linked, plays a guiding force for research and development,enhance the connotation of research and development of market of product development technology support

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