Ultra LED high mast lights 200W-1800W

Ultra LED high mast lights are modular in design with various asymmetrical beam angles for precise lighting 

distribution, professional optical lens for sports field P50-L & P60-L can be mounted at 0° horizontally to reduce 

wind resistance, No upper light output ratio (ULOR 0%) when mounted at 0° tilt. The drive power supply is 

convenient for various installation applications and uses a folded fin aluminum heat sink with key features such 

as small size, light weight, good heat dissipation, and favorable price. Optional DMX, DALI2.0 intelligent control.

1, High luminaire efficiency up to 185Lm/w

2, Marine grade aluminum housing

3, IP66 and IK10 protection rate

4, 5 years warranty

6, Folding aluminum fin design which are very light weight.5mm thickness turnnion bracket

7, Both single module and full lamp are rotatable

8, Asymmetrical l P50-L & P60-L optic allows lamp to be installed horizontally No overflow upward lights which emits no light pollution neither to sky nor audiences or neighbors'space

9, Asymmetrical P50-L & P60 optics produce a very low Glare Rating, GR<45,lights were forwarded further away which produces a higher uniformity up to 0.8

10,all lamps come with driver box at the backward.

11, Multiple protection: SCP, OVP, OTP

12, Remote power supply and remote driver box are available.

Asymmetrical P50-L&P60-L Optic allows lamp to be installed horizontally No overflow upward lights,which emits no light pollution to sky,no light pollution to audiences or neighbors'space.

CIE 112 defines a so-called glare rating factor (GR) ranging from 10 to 90 on the assessment scale. The lower the glare value, the better the glare perception for the players in a sporting event. A maximum GR value of 50 is generally specified for sports projects.Asymmetricl P50-L&P60-L Produce low Glare Rating GR<45 Lights were forwarded further away which produces a higher uniformity( U0) up to 0.8

There is an increasing concern for the problems created by unwanted light at night, such as light pollution and light trespass, resulting in various types of complaints. Particularly with increasing awareness of environmental problems of all types, it is important that lighting designers recognize the need to control problems related to the general subjects of “Light Pollution” and “Light Trespass.” So we have tried every effort to develop the newest optical technology to solve the problem. Therefore, our Asymmetrical P50-L&P60-L Optic high mast lights floodlight is coming. The asymmetric optics used by the  Ultra LED High Mast Light stadium light has no spill light and no upward light pollution in the true sense. 

What is the difference between asymmetric floodlights and symmetrical floodlights?

Asymmetric floodlights use reflectors to direct light in front of the fixture where illuminance is required, compared with symmetrical floodlights that distribute light evenly in all directions. Asymmetric floodlights are superior in concentrating light where it is needed, compared with symmetric versions, which is achieved by using cutting-edge lens technology which allows us to direct the beam to the selected area. Compared with symmetric floodlights, asymmetric floodlights provide lower indirect glare for those using the space, making them perfect for use on sports grounds.

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