Count on Lampshining LED field lights to ensure efficient illumination

Lighting for courts and stadiums is crucial for making spectators and athletes feel comfortable. Inappropriate LED arena lights may affect players' performance, reducing their concentration and focus. In the best scenario, it may result in lost matches, while in the worst, serious injuries. That is why adhering to regulatory requirements when choosing sports lighting is a MUST.

To ensure LED stadium lights meet the lighting requirements of different sports, you have to find a reliable supplier who knows all the ins and outs of the industry and sells only appropriate illuminating appliances. At the Lampshining store, we offer energy-efficient LED field lights with an anti-glare P70 P45 luminous angle. This revolutionary illuminating equipment is best for ensuring the required lighting for sports events. It will help reduce athlete trauma possibilities, improve game scores, and rid the audience of straining their eyes to make out what is happening on the field.

Top-of-the-line LED stadium lights that meet international quality standards

Lampshining is an ISO 9001:2015 certified China company with over 11 years in LED lighting manufacturing. Our extensive knowledge, skills, and professional approach allowed us to conquer foreign markets, including Asia, Europe, and the US. We have managed to find a firm footing on the international market, and thousands of our satisfied clients and contractors are the best evidence of our success.

Plunge into our outdoor LED spotlight equipment collection to find products that tick all the boxes. Our top-shelf stadium fixtures ranging from 400W to 1000W with anti-blinding and anti-flickering effects can give your sports venue illumination close to the natural sunlight. They ensure the right brightness level that greatly adds to players' performance and spectators' experience.

Certified LED arena lights by Lampshining are made of toughened glass and meet the following games staging requirements:

● provide a clear field view for players and funs

● ensure the required field areas are illuminated without being harsh

● possess water-resistant and fog-dispel features

● reduce electricity bills

● produce no flickering effect

● provide accurate color reproduction, and the list may go on and on

Our LED spotlight outdoor fixtures suit both small training camps and large football stadiums. They boast an easy floor or ceiling mounting and are equipped with rotatable brackets to adjust the angle of each lamp independently. With us, you can choose between 400W, 500W, 650W, and 1000W LED sports lights. They're equipped with a tempered glass diffuser and made from a resistant aluminum and copper alloy, making them a perfect match for indoor and outdoor usage. But there are more outstanding features that make our field lightning solutions so lauded. Thanks to the waterproof connector and the patented sealed technology, their protection rating is IP65.

On top of that, our LED arena lights feature internal Mean Well drivers, grade-A Cree LED chips, and heat dissipation aluminum systems. We are pretty sure of our lighting equipment quality. That is why we provide you with a 5-years warranty on all products. You will hardly find another supplier that offers the same price-quality ratio, placing a premium on your satisfaction.

Choose Lampshining to access premium LED sports lighting equipment that will serve you for many years to come.

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