LED Street Lamp


Whether you are installing new street lights or replacing old street lights, you can buy street lights with the latest LED lighting technology here. The Mars LED street lights we sell can realize smart, safe and efficient lighting.

Why choose Lampshining LED Street Lamp?

LED street Lamps are usually used on the street, but many area lighting can also be used. Compared with traditional metal halide and high pressure sodium lights, LED street lights can use less power to play a better light. The unique features of Lampshining LED street lights are:

1. Long life

Mars series LED street lights have a service life of 50,000+ hours, without frequent replacement. We provide a 5 year warranty for this lamp. If you have any problems during use, you can contact us to solve them.

2. Security

Mars series LED street lights have IP66 waterproof performance and 10KV Surge protection, making it safer for outdoor use.

3. Energy saving

Mars series LED street lights have high luminous efficiency 130-150Lm/W, 100W LED street lights can replace traditional street lights above 200W, which means you can use less power to get better lighting.

4. Smart lighting

LED street lights have the characteristics of turning on and on, so they can be equipped with sensors to realize the intelligent control of turning on and off the lights. It will automatically turn on at dark and turn off at dawn, saving consumption and manpower.

High-performance LED street lights are needed for urban projects. Below are the details of our products, you can contact us to learn more.

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