Dimmable LED Corn Bulb

Dimmable led corn bulb

You can buy 0-10V dimmable LED Corn Bulb here. They are the best replacement lamps for metal halide, if you are using E40/ E39/ E27/ E26 lamp holders, then you can directly replace them.

Compared with metal halides, the advantages of LED corn lights are:

1. High light efficiency

The luminous efficiency of LED corn bulbs reaches 130Lm/W, which is difficult for metal halides. A 100W LED corn bulb can replace a 200W metal halide.

2. Long life

The service life of LED corn bulbs has reached 50,000+ hours, and we have provided a 5-year shelf life for this corn bulb.

3. Dimmable

The LED light has low calorific value, and does not need to be preheated when it is turned on.

4. High light quality

The lamp can emit light with CRI>70, and the color temperature can be selected from 3000-6500K, while the CRI<40 of traditional lamps, the color temperature cannot be adjusted.

The following is a list of our product details, if you want to buy or learn more, please contact us.

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