3 Best Commercial LED parking Lot Lights in 2022

Jan. 03, 2020

With the continuous development of society, lighting has become an important part of life, and the requirements for lighting are getting higher and higher. Outdoor parking lot lighting is also a concern. At night, parking lot lighting is very important. He can let drivers and pedestrians see the road conditions, thus reducing the chance of accidents. Make the parking lot more orderly and safer. Most parking lot lighting still uses traditional HID or HPS floodlights. Now with the development of LED lighting, replacing traditional parking lot lighting with LED lighting has become a trend, LED lighting energy saving, long life, The high efficiency and other features make LED lighting perform very well in the outdoor parking lot. In terms of safety, energy saving and efficiency, upgrading to LED lighting is the right choice.

However, there are many types of parking lot lighting, so how to choose the most suitable one, in order to be able to pick the best LED lighting, this article will introduce three kinds of best lighting for outdoor lighting.

3 best outdoor parking lights in 2022.

1. Commercial Low weight LED retrofit kit 150W — replaceable 500W metal halide / HID lamp

This is a Low weight LED Retrofit Kit weighing just 0.8 kg. The choice of lamp head is E27/E26/E40/E39. There are several types of lamps that can be replaced: 1. Warehouse high bay fixture 2.parking lot shoebox fixture 3.roadway street street cobra fixture.

And depending on the occasion, you can choose 30-150W to replace the 75-500W metal halide / HID lamp. The lighting efficiency is up to 133LM/W. Different power brightness is in

4300-20000 Lumens. It has a service life of up to 50,000+ hours, which is equivalent to 11 years if you open 12 hours a day. The color temperature is 5000K white light. The same applies to warehouses, streets and other areas. In addition, the luminaire can be rotated as needed with a 360 degree rotation. It is powered by a high quality Meanwell power supply and is ETL cETL TUV CE RoHS SAA FCC DLC Ctick certified and has a five-year warranty.

new led retrofit kit introduction and application

Below is the evaluation given by the customer after replacing the original floodlight with the LED retrofit kit.

Customer Reviews of LED retrofit kit

learn more about led retrofit kit

2. Commercial grade LED Shoebox Light with photocell 300W — Best outdoor parking lot shoe box lighting can replace 1000W metal halide / HID Lamp

Commercial grade LED shoebox lamp with photocell, with a higher brightness of 14000-42000 Lumens, can choose 100-300W LED shoebox lamp to replace 600W-1000W metal halide / HID Lamp for outdoor parking. The lamp is powered by the high-quality Cree 3030 light source and is ETL cETL DLC Premium CE RoHS certified.

In addition, this LED shoebox lamp has a lifespan of 74,000+ hours and is IP65 waterproof, meaning more protection makes the lamp last longer and has a 5-year warranty. And in terms of energy saving, it can be equipped with a photocell, with the function of dusk to dawn, without the need to manually open or close it, making the lamps more convenient and energy efficient. When the traditional lighting is replaced, the brightness of the outdoor parking lot will increase greatly.

led shoebox light introduction and application

learn more about led shoebox light

3. Mars Series LED Street Light with Photocell — Replaceable 105W-500W HPS/MH/HQI

Street lamps with photocells are widely used, and 40W-200W can be used instead of 105W-500W HPS/MH/HQI depending on the application. It uses Philips Lumileds 3030, with optional illumination angle type II, type III, typev. Lighting efficiency up to 130-145LM/W. Lifespan up to 50,000 hours. Color temperature can be customized. Applicable to outdoor parking lots, also suitable for streets, highways and other places.

It has a photocell and a 10KV lightning protection device. And with better heat dissipation material and IP66 waterproof, it means that in the harsh environment of high temperature or storm, this lamp is Can work normally. It is also certified by ENEC DLC TUV CE CB SAA RoHS IK08 IP66 test Flame Retardan Salt Spray test.

2020 new style led street light show and introduction

Most of the customers after use are highly rated. This performance and appearance are first-class lamps. It is very good for outdoor parking lot.

learn more about led street light

The lighting design for outdoor parking lots needs to take into account the following points:

1. Commercial outdoor parking lot lighting brightness requirements

2. Uniformity

3. Color temperature

4. Anti-glare

5. Photocell sensor

6. Energy saving

7. Waterproof

8. Life expectancy

Choosing the right commercial outdoor parking lot lights requires a lot of consideration. Compared with traditional lamps, LED lamps are energy-efficient, efficient, and long-life, making them ideal for outdoor parking.

The three lamps recommended in the article are suitable for outdoor parking lot.

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