360 degree led lighting bulbs

Sep. 26, 2020

Is there a 360 degree LED lighting bulbs?

Led lighting is the collective name of LED lamps. With the further maturity of LED technology, LED will achieve more and better development in the field of indoor and outdoor lighting design and development.The lighting design of the 21st century room will be based on the design of led lighting bulbs.

At the same time, it fully reflects the development trend of energy-saving, healthy, artistic and humanized lighting, and has become the leading of the room lighting culture. And LED lighting has 360 degree illumination?

Because the Led chip itself needs to be fixed, the lamp bead can only emit at most 180 degrees. However, there is a lamp that can meet this requirement, that is, the LED corn light.

360 degree led lighting bulbs.jpg

And LED corn light can shine 360 degrees, then what is the advantage of 360 degree light?

360-degree LED lighting is the optimal solution for indoor lighting. If a directional light-emitting LED bulb is used for indoor lighting, the lighting effect can only be partially illuminated, that is, there will be a bright and dark lighting effect. The 360-degree LED bulb can achieve even space lighting effects.

The 360-degree LED provides more space for the lighting design.  360-degree LED can also achieve local illumination through the design of the lighting. Moreover, its illumination area and illumination direction are determined by the lighting. Therefore, it provides more space for the lighting design, which is also beyond the directional LED.

360 degree led lighting bulbs.jpg

In outdoor lighting, 360-degree LEDs can also fully meet the needs of lighting, such as street lighting. Therefore, 360 degree LED lighting bulbs can also be adapted to outdoor lighting.

360 degree led lighting bulbs outdoor.jpg

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