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Dec. 04, 2021

Football Stadium Lights

What are LED Football Stadium Lights?

LED Football Stadium Lights are very powerful sports lights, which can also be called floodlights, high mast lights, etc. Installed at a high place, the beam angle has many changes, ranging from 10 to 180 degrees. Through these special beam angles, better lighting can be achieved, such as anti-glare, high precision, etc. They are energy efficient, smart and safe.

The role of LED football stadium lights in sports has been paid more and more attention. Excellent LED football stadium lights can provide better visibility for athletes and coaches, so as to play a better level, audiences and broadcasters can also see more clearly and broadcast more detailed game content. LED lighting does not produce harmful ultraviolet or infrared radiation, does not contain mercury, and at the same time provides high-quality, anti-glare, and bright lighting for the football field.

Why is it recommended to change traditional sports lighting to LED Football Stadium Lights?

1. Security

LED lighting generates heat, does not contain ultraviolet or infrared radiation, and does not contain mercury. Therefore, it can be used with more confidence. LED Football Stadium Lights can be turned on instantly, without warm-up time, while metal halide requires at least 15 minutes of warm-up time to run

2. Life

The LED Football Stadium Lights we provide have a service life of 50,000 hours. This means you don't need to replace the lamps every year, reducing maintenance and labor costs. Our products are provided with a 5-year warranty.

3. Energy saving

The highest efficiency of the LED Football Stadium Lights we provide can reach 200Lm/W, which is impossible for traditional lamps. 100W LED lamps can easily replace 200-300W traditional lamps. Comprehensive monthly electricity consumption can be saved by 75%.

4. High-quality lighting

LED lighting has a higher CRI (>70), which is a very important parameter that affects the authenticity of the lighting. Traditional lamps usually have a CRI of only 30-60. And the color temperature of 3000-6000K can be selected, and the LED lighting has no flicker and light pollution.

5. Smart

The instant-on feature of LED lighting allows it to be equipped with a dimming system, and the modern Football Stadium Lights must be smarter.

The following is our LED Football Stadium Lights product display.

Alpha LED Stadium Light
Alpha LED Stadium Light

●   Watt: 500W-1200W

●   Lumens: 70,000-198,000

●   Light Source: Lumileds 5050

●   GA<40

●   Input Volt: 176-305VAC

●   IP Rating: IP66 - IK08

●   CCT (Color Temp): 4000, 5000, 5700, 6000

●   Beam Angle: P70,P45,30,60,90 degree

●   5 years warranty

Ultra LED Stadium LightUltra LED Stadium Light

●   Watt: 400W-1800W

●   Lumens: 72,000-342,400

●   Light Source: Lumileds 5050

●   Input Volt: 100-277VAC

●   IP Rating: IP66 - IK10

●   Optional Colors: Silver Gray, Black

●   CCT (Color Temp): 4000, 5000

●   5 years warranty

●   Beam Angle: 15/ 30/ 60/ 90 degree/ TPII/ TPIII

Round Slim LED Stadium Light
Round Slim LED Stadium Light

●   Watt: 480W-1200W

●   Lumens: 76,800-210,000

●   Light Source: Lumileds 5050

●   Input Volt: 100-277VAC

●   IP Rating: IP66 - IK10

●   CCT (Color Temp): 4000, 5000, 6000

●   5 years warranty

●   Beam Angle: 10/ 25/ 45/ 60 degree

Slim Pro LED Stadium LightSlim Pro LED Stadium Light●   Watt: 200W-1440W

●   Lumens: 32,000-252,000

●   Light Source: Lumileds 5050

●   Input Volt: 100-277VAC

●   IP Rating: IP66 - IK10

●   CCT (Color Temp): 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000

●   5 years warranty

●   Beam Angle: 10/20/40/60/90/140*100/135*60(P50)/70*30

Dragonfly Max LED Stadium LightDragonfly Max LED Stadium Light●   Watt: 200W-1800W

●   Lumens: 40,000-306,000

●   Light Source: Lumileds/ Osram 5050

●   Input Volt: 100-277VAC

●   IP Rating: IP66 - IK10

●   CCT (Color Temp): 4000, 5000

●   5 years warranty

●   Beam Angle: 20/ 40/ 60 degree

Slim Plus LED Stadium LightSlim Plus LED Stadium Light●   Watt: 200W-1500W

●   Lumens: 36,000-240,000

●   Light Source: Lumileds 5050

●   Input Volt: 100-277VAC

●   IP Rating: IP66 - IK10

●   CCT (Color Temp): 4000, 5000k

●   5 years warranty

●   Beam Angle: 10/20/40/60/140*100/135*60(P50)

After replacing the LED lights, the football stadium lighting changes greatly. It is durable, uniform, long-lived, pollution-free, and anti-glare characteristics are the most needed for football stadium lighting. If you have product requirements, please feel free to ask our lighting experts any questions about football stadium lighting projects or other sports stadium lighting projects.

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