Hong Kong International Lightfair 2019

Mar. 25, 2019

Hong Kong International Lightfair 2019

Lighting is inseparable from life. Many engineering projects require very strict lighting products. And now the advertising information that can be seen everywhere makes the new customers feel like the effect of the business exaggerating the product.With the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for lighting are getting higher and higher, and high-quality lighting can make people feel happy, whether in the house or Walking down the street, or at the stadium, high-quality lighting can increase traffic to these locations and reduce risk. LED lighting can also save energy and reduce pollution.

So where do new customers want to find a trusted supplier, or where old customers need to expand their product needs, where can they find reliable suppliers?

There is now a very good choice. On April 6-9, 2019, Hong Kong Hong Kong International Spring Lighting Fair will be grandly opened. A wide range of lighting product suppliers are here. Be able to experience product effects in person and be able to ask relevant questions, here you can find the most suitable supplier.

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The Hong Kong International Spring Lighting Fair is hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council to showcase the latest lighting products to buyers around the world. Provide customers with a high-quality trading platform to promote international exchanges and cooperation in the field of lighting. As of 2018, The exhibition has been successfully held for 10 sessions, and the scale has been expanded year by year, so that more people in need can choose the right products and exchanges at the exhibition. Hong Kong International Lighting Fair has been in business since 1999 and has been in the past 20 years. It has made Hong Kong International Lighting Fair an important platform for international trade exchanges.

In the past 2018, a total of 1,352 exhibitors from different countries participated in the Hong Kong International Spring Lighting Fair, which received about 20,980 visitors. Quality buyers from 115 countries and regions visited the site. In 2019, the exhibition made a more reasonable arrangement for the product area, in order to better highlight the division of lighting products, To meet the needs of buyers, there are 12 categories of product areas, as follows: commercial lighting, decorative lighting, advertising lighting, chandeliers, lighting accessories and parts, smart lighting and photos 

Solutions, plant lighting, home lighting, urban and architectural lighting, industrial lighting, automotive lighting, trade services and publications, These divisions allow buyers to find the right exhibitors more quickly and make the trade smoother.

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Commercial lighting, urban and architectural lighting, and industrial lighting are the most critical divisions in engineering projects. There are also many issues to consider, including energy conservation, environmental protection, efficiency, and longevity. Factors such as appearance. To choose the most suitable lighting fixtures, you need to choose carefully.

Our Lampshining has participated in many lighting and lighting exhibitions all over the world in the past years. Obtaining unanimous praise from the lighting industry. Based on the performance and aesthetic needs of customers in previous years, we have continuously improved and developed the latest products to meet the needs of various occasions, and Can be customized according to customer needs. At the upcoming 2019 Hong Kong International Spring Lighting Fair, Lampshining will also participate in the exhibition, the booth is 3C-F24, We will bring our newly developed LED lamps, such as: UFO LED High bay Light, LED Street Light, LED Corn Bulbs, LED High Mast Light, etc. The areas covered include commercial lighting, urban and architectural lighting, and industrial lighting. Buyers are welcome to come and communicate.

lampshining participates in the hong kong lighting fair in 2019

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