How Can LED Lighting Replace Traditional Lighting

Sep. 26, 2020

1. Technically, it has the ability to replace the traditional light source. For example, color temperature, color rendering index, luminous efficiency, life span, and reliability.

2. Economy in cost. Compared with traditional lighting products, LED cost is a major competitive disadvantage. In my opinion, we should first consider the purchase cost, use cost and maintenance cost of the whole system of LED lights and traditional lights in light source, electrical accessories (such as ballast, driving power supply, etc.) and the whole system. At present, these two aspects and reflect the advantages of LED lights, with the improvement of LED light efficiency, its advantages will be more prominent.

3. In terms of policies, the whole world pays close attention to energy conservation and environmental protection. Countries around the world have issued many policies to encourage energy conservation and limit the use of energy-intensive products.

4. From customer use to industrial capital, LED lighting products and market prospects have been fully recognized. Customers take the initiative to require the use of LED lighting lamps.

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