LED Parking lot Lights retrofit

Apr. 11, 2019

Many buildings currently have parking lots, whether indoor or outdoor. The lighting in the parking lot is not good, and the problem of lighting has been plaguing developers and customers.

There are mainly these problems:

1. Poor light, especially in indoor parking lots, cannot rely on natural light to illuminate, and there are often vehicles that come in and out, requiring 24 hours of lighting. This leads to very high lighting costs.

2. The parking lot is large in area and requires many lights. When it is necessary to replace and repair, the workload is very large and it is not easy to implement.

3. Indoor parking lot Because the environment is relatively closed, if many lights produce pollutants, the environment of the parking lot will be very poor.

4. In terms of safety, in order to save energy, the underground parking lot is relatively dark and the traffic is small, so the parking lot has become the first choice for many criminals.

5. Due to fatigue driving, the stroboscopic light generated by traditional lights is also likely to cause unnecessary accidents.

dark underground parking lot lighting

The points mentioned above are problems that many people are troubled with. What is the easiest and most effective way to solve the problem of parking lot lighting?

After the popularity of LED lighting, the above problems can be solved perfectly. Customers can replace the traditional parking lot with the led parking lot lights retrofit.

LED lights have the following characteristics:

1.Energy saving

2. High efficiency and bright

3. Long life and easy maintenance

4. No glare

5. No pollution

led parking lot lights retrofit

LED Parking lot Lights Retrofit Kits lighting

These characteristics make led lighting the first choice for parking lot lighting.

The LED parking lot lights have several advantages:

1. High brightness lighting;

2. Energy saving, compared with the traditional HPS, LED parking lot lights use only one-fifth of the energy of HPS;

3. Long life, can reach 50,000 hours, if you open 24 hours a day, it means that simple maintenance is needed after 5 years. Save on maintenance costs;

4. No harmful metal mercury, the spectrum does not contain infrared and ultraviolet light;

5. High color rendering, making the parking lot clear and bright, avoiding crime;

In fact, many of our customers have solved the problems they pose with parking lot lighting after using our LED parking lot retrofit kit.

Below is our Lampshining parking lot LED lighting for indoor and outdoor parking lot. It can replace the original Warehouse high bay fixtures/parking lot shoebox fixture/roadway street street cobra fixture.

Led parking lot lights features:

1. Light Source: Philips 3030

2. Luminous Flux: 4,300 to 20,000 Lumen

3. Rated Wattage: 30 to150Watt

4. Base: E40/E39(mogul) E27/E26(Medium)

5. Input Voltage: 100-277VAC, 180-480VAC

6. Beam Angle: 120 degree

7. IP Rating: IP65

8. Lifetime: 50,000+ hours

9. Arm rotatable and length adjustable

10. 75W-500W HID/Metal Halide Equivalent.

11. ETL cETL DLC CE RoHS listed.

led parking lot lights retrofit kit lights

Thank you for stopping to read. If your parking lot wants to replace the original traditional lighting and you need a good solution, contact us and let us give you a satisfactory answer.

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