Red and Blue vs Full Spectrum White LED Grow Light

Sep. 27, 2020

When you plan to buy lighting lamps for your indoor plants, you need to know that conventional lighting is not suitable for the growth of plants, and we need special lamps for illuminating plants - LED grow lamps.

But this is not the focus of our discussion. The point is that there are actually two types of LED growth lights in stores now, one is red and blue spectrum growth lights, and the other is full spectrum growth lights. What is the difference between the two? What kind of spectrum LED growth light should I use?

Red and Blue vs Full Spectrum White LED Grow Light

Table of Contents

1.Comparison of red and blue grow lights and full-spectrum white LED plant grow lights

1.1Cost effectiveness

1.2Working environment

1.3Fresh weight



3.FAQ and contact us

1.Comparison of red and blue grow lights and full-spectrum white LED plant grow lights

We will compare two LED plant lights with different spectrums from many aspects. Appropriate LED growth lights can make plants have the best growth environment, achieve the purpose of strong plant roots, promote growth, adjust flowering period, flower color, promote fruit maturity, and improve quality and color.

1.1 Cost effectiveness

As shown in the figure below, in fact, full-spectrum LED plant lights are more cost-effective than red and blue spectrum LED plant lights, mainly reflected in the lower initial cost.

Cost-benefit comparison

1.2 working environment

The red and blue spectrum plant lights present purple-red light, which is irritating to human eyes and is not conducive to observing the growth state of plants.

Full-spectrum lighting is less irritating to human eyes, the environment is more comfortable, and it is more convenient to detect plant status and pests.

working environment comparison

1.3 Fresh weight

After ten days of comparison, the vegetables illuminated by the full-spectrum LED plant lights have 10% more fresh weight than the red and blue spectrum plant lights.

Fresh weight comparison

1.4 Solution

Red and Blue vs Full Spectrum

Red and blue spectrum LED plant light


1. Different ratios of red and blue can be designed with high applicability.

2. The spectrum ratio and circuit design are simpler than the full spectrum.

3. Medium efficiency and low cost.


1. When used for linear plant lights, the light mixing is uneven.

2. Compared with the full spectrum solution, the voltage/circuit design is complicated

3. Red and blue mixed light, visual color purple, eye irritation, serious light pollution.

Full spectrum LED plant light


1. The spectrum can be designed/adjusted for different types of plants, with strong applicability.

2. The color of part of the full-spectrum mixed light is close to visual white light, with little light pollution.

3.The uniformity of light mixing is good and the efficiency is high.

4. The circuit design/structure design is relatively simple and the cost is low.


1. The designed full spectrum ratio is fixed and it is inconvenient to adjust.


From the above comparison, full spectrum is the development trend of modern plant lights. But before you officially buy plant lights, you need to understand the characteristics of current store plant lights. One of the most important criteria for LED grow lights is the spectrum, which can be different from conventional lighting. If you do not get the correct wavelength ratio, then the plant will not increase yield and quality.

If you need to buy LED plant lights but still have questions, please feel free to contact us and we will give you detailed answers.

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