Several accessories of LED lights, what state will be broken?

Nov. 06, 2018


1.LED light bar:

The combination of the illuminating lamp bead has a long strip, a round shape, a ring shape, a fan shape, a soft body, etc.; there are cool colors, warm colors, neutral colors, red colors, blue colors, orange colors, and the like.

led corn light.jpg

2.constant current drive:

Provide a constant current to the light bar.

Various power, current, and function drivers.

driver led lighting.jpg

3.segment switch:

Used for light bar grouping, segmentation control, adjusting the brightness and lighting effect of the combination of lamps.

Remote control switch.

How to check the quality of the accessory:

1. Judging the light bar:

The possibility that all the light bars are damaged at the same time is very small, so if some light beads are not bright, or flashing, darkening, or a light bar is not bright, and the others are normal, it can be basically determined that the light bar is broken.

2. Determine the constant current driver:

All, a plurality of or a group of light bars are not bright, blinking, or darkened, and it is basically determined that the corresponding driver of the light bar is broken.

3.judge the segmentation switch:

When the switch or remote control is used to turn on the light or perform segmentation control, the whole luminaire does not illuminate, or a certain group of illuminators does not illuminate, and when the illuminator is off, it is basically determined that the segmentation switch is broken.

For lamps with multiple drivers + segment switches, it is judged that the drive and the segment switch are damaged, and the damage should be determined by comprehensive judgment.

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