150W LED Shoebox Area Light Fixtures 180Lm/W 27000Lm
  • 150W LED Shoebox Area Light Fixtures 180Lm/W 27000Lm
  • 150W LED Shoebox Area Light Fixtures 180Lm/W 27000Lm
  • 150W LED Shoebox Area Light Fixtures 180Lm/W 27000Lm
150W LED Shoebox Area Light Fixtures 180Lm/W 27000Lm150W LED Shoebox Area Light Fixtures 180Lm/W 27000Lm150W LED Shoebox Area Light Fixtures 180Lm/W 27000Lm

150W LED Shoebox Area Light Fixtures 180Lm/W 27000Lm

●   Watt: 150W

●   Lumens: 21,000/ 27,000

●   Light Source: Cree 3030/ Lumileds 3030

●   Input Volt: 100-277VAC

●   IP Rating: IP65 - IK10

●   Size: 20.3*163.15"

●   Installation Hole: 2.5''

●   Lamp Weight: 6.8kg

●   CCT (Color Temp): 3000-6500K

●   5 years warranty

●   Beam Angle: 80*155 degree (TypeIII)

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150W LED Shoebox Area Light Fixtures 180Lm/W 27000Lm






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Light SourceCree 3030Lumileds 5050
Input Volt100-277VAC
CCT3000-6500K4000K/ 5000K
DefaultSlip fitter
Installation Hole64mm/ 2.5''
IP RatingIP65
Beam Angle80*155 degree (TypeIII)

Sosen driver SS-150VA-56

Replacement350W HID/Metal Halide
CertificationETL cETL CE RoHS

150W LED Shoebox Parking lot Light

150w led shoebox light features

    The LED shoebox lamp is stylish, simple, tough and generous, with simple and smooth lines, which are very beautiful.

    The popularity of the luminaire adopts a square shape, and the part of the lamp body and the part of the radiator correspond to the overall tough style.

    And added some changes in the details, plus we have an external light sensor, which can save 80% of the power. Because it looks more like the shoe box of our daily life, it is called a shoe box light.

    Deliberately externally placed the radiator and ribs to make it part from the exterior of the luminaire to highlight the beauty of the industry. In particular, the reflector built into the lampshade makes the lamp body look brighter.

    The lamp housing is die-cast and has good impact resistance. The integrated hot plate radiator is used to maximize the heat dissipation effect by utilizing the phase change principle of the object.

    The heat dissipation efficiency is more often than that of a normal aluminum heat sink. The integrated hot plate heat sink is like a vacuum cleaner that sucks the heat of the LED onto the heat sink.

The key point is that the structure of the luminaire is reasonable, and the part of the lamp body is connected up and down, which fully utilizes the principle of air flows, so that there is no obstacle to the flow of gas through the radiator.

    After the luminaire is working, the luminaire is fully cool due to its unique design.

    In addition, the structure that is connected up and down has self-cleaning property, and the rainwater can wash the dust attached to the lamps. The various meteorological conditions do not affect the normal lighting Of the lamps. Let's talk about power cool, almost everyone

    Focusing on LED heat dissipation, we have shifted our attentions to power supplies cool. We are strict in R&D, process, procurement, production, quality inspection, transportation, after-sales and other aspects.

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150w parking lot size.jpg

Features and benefits

150w led shoebox light

1. 5-year warranty

2. Photocell sensor available.

3. High Voltage 347-480VAC available.

4. Long life span and less brightness degradation.

5. Efficiency of power supply is more than 90%.

6. No UV and near-IR radiation in the light beam.

7. Slip fitter,Yoke bracket,square and round pole arm available.

Optional Arms

led shoebox light fixtures four Optional Arms.jpg


Widely used in parking areas, residential areas, parks, plazas, etc.

led shoebox light fixtures application

80x155 degrees (TypeIII)

80x155 degrees (TypeIII)


Slip fitter
Slip fitter
Square mount arm kitSquare mount arm kit
Round mount arm kitRound mount arm kit
Yoke bracketYoke bracket
Twist Lock PhotocellTwist Lock Photocell

Package details:



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