LED Parking Lot Lamp application

Sep. 26, 2020

When the sky is dark, I enter the parking lot. Most people don't pay special attention to lighting, because cars also have lights, unless the lights are broken, people will notice the lighting of the parking lot. If the parking lot is Bright and full, then the people that drive will be very happy, and the people that walk will be more at ease, making people safer and more convenient.

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In addition, if the parking lot is not illuminated, some unnecessary accidents may occur, such as being too dark and scratching someone else's car, or having small animals, etc., because they are too dark and can't see them and hurt If the parking lot is too Dark, if someone has a criminal mind, then he can also hide and properly implement, which will increase the crime rate.

Anyone with relevant experience will know that lighting in public places is very important. The parking lot also needs to pay attention to how to plan the lights of the parking lot. The main contents are as follows.

In conjunction with site conditions, it is decided to use a pole or to hang the top. In the analysis, only good materials are needed. Good lighting has many advantages in itself. LED lights are the mainstream choice of current lights, and Parking is better.

HID lamps are used in many streets and parking lots in the United States. These lights have now phased out, replacing the current LED lights. HID lamps are not energy efficient and often have bright spots and black spots, which reduces visibility and indirectly increases And LP's high efficiency, long life, environmental protection, energy saving, seismic, lighting and other advantages.

In the singular, the luminaire must be guaranteed to be glare-free to reduce accidents. But this is not to say that you want to illuminate all the space as much as possible. Because people use too much artificial light to cause light pollution, this is a common concern in the world.

And our product LED Parking lot lamp, features the following.

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LED parking lot lamp is stylish, simple, tough and generous, with simple and smooth lines, which are very beautiful.

The popularity of the luminaire adopts a square shape, and the part of the lamp body and the part of the radiator correspond to the overall tough style.

And added some changes in the details, plus we have an external light sensor, which can save 80% of the power. Because it looks more like the shoe box of our daily life, it is called a shoe box light.

Deliberately externally placed the radiator and ribs to make it part from the exterior of the luminaire to highlight the beauty of the industry. In particular, the reflector built into the lampshade makes the lamp body look brighter.

The lamp housing is die-cast and has good impact resistance. The integrated hot plate radiator is used to maximize the heat dissipation effect by utilizing the phase change principle of the object.

The heat dissipation efficiency is more often than that of a normal aluminum heat sink. The integrated hot plate heat sink is like a vacuum cleaner that sucks the heat of the LED onto the heat sink.

The key point is that the structure of the luminaire is reasonable, and the part of the lamp body is connected up and down, which fully utilizes the principle of air flows, so that there is no obstacle to the flow of gas through the radiator.

After the luminaire is working, the luminaire is fully cool due to its unique design.

In addition, the structure that is connected up and down has self-cleaning property, and the rainwater can wash the dust attached to the lamps. The various meteorological conditions do not affect the normal lighting Of the lamps. Let's talk about power cool, almost everyone

Focusing on LED heat dissipation, we have shifted our attentions to power supplies cool. We are strict in R&D, process, procurement, production, quality inspection, transportation, after-sales and other aspects.

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If you want to know more about the parking lot lights, click here: LED Parking lot Lamp

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