What is the strobe of LED lamps, how to solve?

Sep. 26, 2020

What is the strobe of LED lamps, how to solve?

Strobe is a kind of flicker that occurs due to frequency. The stroboscopic phenomenon of the light source means that the light emitted by the light source changes rapidly and repeatedly with time, making the light source jump and unstable. Studies have shown that stroboscopic light sources are closely related to neurological diseases such as migraine, headache, autism, visual fatigue and discomfort, which can seriously cause illusion to the human eye.

which in turn caused an accident.

The cause of the strobe:

The driver of the luminaire does not have suitable electronic circuits, such as ballasts, drives or power supplies. Source will produce stroboscopic light. Greater the fluctuation of the output luminous flux, the more severe the strobe.

As for the LED lamp, from the theory of illumination, the LED lamp itself does not produce stroboscopic, and the presence or absence of strobe depends on the LED driver circuit. Due to the wide variety of drivers, the stroboscopic performance of each LED product is different. In particular, some manufacturers use a relatively simple driver chip in order to save costs, there will be a large stroboscopic problem.

In addition, many LED lamps use a PCB board with soldered beads, which has high requirements on the driving power supply, and any minor errors such as quality problems on the hardware may cause dead beads, stroboscopic, and uneven color of light. Even not at all.

Strobe solution:

1. The LED lamp bead does not match the LED driver power supply. If the lamp bead chip is not full of power, it will cause the strobe phenomenon of the light source. If the current is too high, the lamp bead can not be withstood, and the lamp will be built into the gold. The wire or copper wire is blown, causing the lamp bead to be off.

2. If the drive power supply is broken, just replace one drive power supply.

3, the drive has over-temperature protection function, and the thermal performance of the material of the luminaire can not meet the requirements, and the driving over-temperature protection will start to work and there will be a flash.

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