The role of LED lighting in fire protection

Sep. 26, 2020

The role of LED lighting in fire protection

In the fire protection, if large-scale lighting equipment such as halogen lamps and xenon lamps are used, large-area lighting can be realized, but the power of the bulb is large and the power consumption is high. Large-capacity batteries or power generation equipment are required, resulting in the overall size of the equipment. Large, heavy, inconvenient to carry and transfer, and limited by power supply, not suitable for long hours of operation.

Halogen lamps, xenon lamps, etc., use yellow light source, because of high power, high power consumption, short use time, and the light source structure of this type of light structure is poor in impact resistance, easy to bump damage.

Through the understanding of the technical performance characteristics of the LED light source, combined with the actual operational needs of the firefighting force, it is believed that the following features of the LED can be applied to the fire-fighting lighting equipment in order to develop high-performance, high-reliability lighting equipment.

LED lighting energy-saving and high luminous efficiency can minimize power consumption and extend lighting time in equipment with the same capacity and the same illumination. It is in line with the long-term firefighting and rescue of firefighting forces in complex environments. Demand, further reducing the factors that reduce rescue efficiency due to the replacement of lighting equipment.

Because LED is made of epoxy solid-state package, it is resistant to impact, has long service life and high performance reliability. It meets the high-reliability equipment requirements of firefighting forces in complex environments such as smoke inside the fire, and can prevent damage caused by equipment bumps. Lost lighting protection.

LED lighting is small and light, and can be made into a high-power lighting device by using chip integration technology. The multi-LED integrated lighting device is developed to further reduce the weight of the device and prolong the service life while ensuring the lighting needs.

The development direction of LED technology in fire lighting equipment

The application of LED light source in firefighting individual lighting equipment.

First: It can be developed towards a yellow light source with strong penetrating power in a thick smoke environment or a single-device multi-color light source, and develops intelligent lighting equipment using three-primary computer control technology to ensure that individual lighting devices are different by controlling the color of the lighting. The need for a lighting environment.

Second: the development of multi-bead LED parallel structure, multi-bead parallel structure can reduce the risk of loss of illumination due to damage to single equipment caused by single bead structure or single bead damage in multi-bead series structure, and improve the single lighting equipment of firefighters reliability.

Third: develop large-illumination, portable mobile fire-fighting lighting equipment. Using multi-chip integration technology, by coating a heat-conducting metal layer on a printed circuit board, a high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion packaging material is selected, and the heat-conducting structure of the outer casing is increased to produce a high-power LED light source.

Fourth: LED system and solar technology combined, can be developed to green fire lighting equipment. In the case of a global deterioration of the overall environment, the fire brigade, as a social rescue force to protect people's lives and property, should adopt more green lighting equipment. In combination with LEDs, the DC drive structure features solar cells to provide DC voltage characteristics, and the solar power supply system and LED equipment are combined to form a pure green lighting system, which can reduce the fuel consumption of the firefighting team during the rescue process, and at the same time make the lighting equipment diversified. Protection and development.

With the continuous development of LED technology, LED technology will be more and more widely used in fire-fighting lighting equipment. More scientific and innovative fire-fighting products can increase the mobility and flexibility of fire-fighting units, and can effectively help fire-fighting units to improve fire-fighting and rescue. Ability to protect the lives and property of the people.

LED lighting will benefit people in all walks of life.

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