Where can I buy high quality LED street lights in 2022?

Jan. 03, 2020

Where can I buy high quality LED street lights in 2022?

In recent years, LED Light has aroused wide concern. The main reason is that LED lights have Energy-saving, non-polluting, long-life, high-efficiency features, in line with the global call for environmental protection Earth. And so Nowadays, many projects replace the traditional lamps that were originally used with LED lamps, and the longer they are used, the more cost-saving more. And now many areas have replaced traditional street lights with LED street lights to save costs and avoid pollution, and the streets are better than It has been brighter in the past.

lampshining 2020 new product led street light

Everyone knows the benefits of LED lights, but how much do you know about high-quality LED street lights? We mainly judge from these aspects.

lampshining 2020 new product led street lighting fixtures

1. Lamp beads: High-quality LED lamp beads will have better illumination effect, and the illumination is stable, the light decay is small, and the life is longer. Bad lamp beads It is easy to turn black or burn.

2. Lens: A good LED street lamp lens is reasonable. A good lens can make the light distribution reasonable and uniform. Moreover, the brightness of the illumination recorded by the LED can be increased.

3. Heat Dissipation: LED street lamps are very important for heat dissipation. The materials and designs must be in accordance with the heat dissipation conditions. If the LED street light is not well cooled, it will reduce the LED The service life of street lamps. Only when the thermal conductivity is good, can the LED street lamp be able to dissipate heat efficiently and prolong the service life of the LED street lamp.

4. Power supply: Good LED street light power supply is waterproof, and durable, to ensure the service life of LED street lights.

5. Lightning protection: In bad weather, lightning strikes will reduce the life of LED street lights, so the lightning protection performance of LED street lights can not be ignored.

lampshining new product mars led street lighting fixtures for 2020

The development prospects of led street lamps are bright, and now they have become the main lamps for lighting.

If you want to buy led street lights, you must see these configurations of LED street lights, so that the led street lights purchased are cost-effective and the quality is guaranteed!

Where can I buy high quality LED street lights in 2022?

For more information on LED street lights, or to buy LED street lights, you can click here to contact us to learn more.

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