2022 LED Ski Slope Lighting | Ski Slope Light for sale

Jan. 10, 2020

2022 LED Ski Slope Lighting - Ski Slope Light for sale

In the winter, I believe that everyone will not be unfamiliar with the ski slope. Skiing is a very leisure project. And there are many favorite ski slope. When it is night, the view of the ski slope will be very beautiful. The beauty of the ski slope at night comes from lighting.


In 2022, a lot of road construction will be transformed, and more important is the replacement of lighting fixtures. The traditional lamps are replaced by LED lighting. The replacement LED lamps are characterized by energy saving, environmental protection, and easy maintenance Long life.

Traditional lighting fixtures only illuminate the slopes very irregularly during the lighting of the ski slope. The skiing experience is not very good due to the poor lighting. So upgrade

Lighting fixtures are important and LED floodlights to allow for even illumination.

So what are the functional enhancements of LED lighting fixtures compared to traditional lighting fixtures?

1. Energy saving, greatly reducing energy consumption

2. It is more than 3 times longer than traditional lighting, and the life of LED lighting can be as long as 5 years or more.

3. The color rendering is better and the light is more natural.

4. Environmental protection, because LED lamps do not contain mercury and other pollutants, so they are more environmentally friendly, and LED lamps can be recycled after they cannot be used.

5. The LED lights of the ski slope have the advantages of instant switching capability, anti-glare, high illumination uniformity, no UV, no mercury.

led ski slope light application

Therefore, many ski slope are changing. In the ski slope, it is also common to replace traditional luminaires with LED luminaires. So, what should you pay attention to when replacing traditional lamps with LED lighting in the ski slope?

1.Low-temperature resistance

This problem is very important. In the snowy environment, LED lighting fixtures need to be able to work at temperatures below tens of degrees. This is a strict quality requirement for LED lamps.

2. Waterproof performance

Because the ski slope may experience heavy rain, the ski slope lights need to maintain good waterproof performance at low temperatures and provide protection for the luminaires. The waterproof performance should not be lower than IP66. Satisfied

These two conditions of LED lamps can work smoothly in the ski slope environment.

3. Lighting problems

The ski slope is full of a lot of fog, if the LED lights lose too much light in the fog, the lighting effect will be less than ideal.

Pay attention to the above points, LED lamps will show amazing results in the ski slope.

led ski slope lighting

Lampshining specializes in the manufacture of professional LED lighting fixtures. So which lamps should be used for ski slope lighting?

We recommend the use of LED High Mast Lights.

high quailty 100-1800w led high mast lights

Contact us if you have a need.

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