Can LED lighting save money? Data to tell you

Sep. 26, 2020

    Everyone has heard of LED lights can save money, LED lights can directly convert electrical energy into light energy, saving 35%-50%, energy saving and environmental protection, reducing the consumption of thermal energy. Efficiency than incandescent lamps, saving more than 80 % of energy in everyday applications. Incandescent lamps can reach temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius after prolonged use, and people are easily burnt and consume heat. The LED lamp is only heated to 80 degrees Celsius It is a cold light source, saves a Lot of heat energy consumption

led street light application.jpg

    This year, retail giant Wal-Mart announced that LED lighting plans have expanded to include thousands of parking lots, stores, distribution locations and offices in multiple countries. As part of its energy efficiency commitment, Wal-Mart's global use of LED luminaires have saved Approximately $100 million in costs.

    "Energy is part of the main operating expenses, we can reduce energy costs while providing upgrades to improve the customer's shopping experience." LED lights to replace most of the bulbs in the industry, and the results Are indeed witnessed together, and by continuing to reduce operating expenses, future innovations can be promoted.

    In 2005, Wal-Mart introduced the LED freezer solution, and then continued to introduce parking lighting and internal LED lighting, and implemented an action in 2014, which is to replace all other hanging lamps with LED light.

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    Since 2010, from the energy saving of LED lights, Wal-Mart can reduce energy consumption by about 13% per square foot.

    In Taiwan, China, in order to save energy and achieve environmental protection, Taiwan has replaced nearly 100,000 street lamps with LED lights. According to statistics, it can save more than 26 million US dollars per year from lighting.

led street light.jpg

    LED lights are not only low in power consumption, but also have high illumination efficiency and no pollution.

    But LED lights are also good or bad, choose a good LED light manufacturer to choose a good LED lamp.

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