What is the difference between low quality LED lights and high quality LED lights?

Sep. 26, 2020

    People are now shopping in the store or relying on the internet. Generally, the choice is cheap, including the choice of  LED lights. Many people are attracted by the appearance and price of the products, and there is no better understanding of LED lights. LED lights have a variety of lamp beads, and laymen may not know much about it. Use cheap lamp beads. Although the power is the same, the brightness is much lower (lumen), the light is quickly attenuated, and the temperature is too high.

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Buy cheap LED fixtures that can only be installed and illuminated. After that, whether it is durable or not. They have a lot of heat dissipation problems, just to reduce costs and thus shorten the life of LED lights. Matching the power driver is also cheaper, not only the heat is too high, but the life may be less than one year, the protection circuit is not good, the lamp bead is easy to damage, it is easy to burn out!

 People choose LED lights because they are energy efficient, durable, safe and bright. If you can't even do these things, the original traditional lights might be better.


LED lamps of different brands have different quality, different raw materials and different processes. Even if there is no difference in appearance, the actual use is very different, but the cost will be much cheaper. 

2.LED performance is different

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(1) Brightness

The brightness of the LEDs will vary and the price will vary. The brightness of the LED bulb is expressed in lumens. Then higher the lumen, the brighter the light, the more expensive it is.

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(2) Anti static ability

LEDs with strong anti static properties have a long life and are therefore expensive. LEDs with an anti static rating greater than 700V perform better.

(3) Wavelength

LEDs with the same wavelength have the same color, so the price will be higher.

(4) Leakage current

The LED is a unidirectional conductive illuminator, and if there is a reverse current, it is a leakage. Leak more LEDs, shorten life and lower prices. LEDs with less leakage have a longer life and are more expensive.

(5) Lighting angle

Different LED light angles are different. Special lighting angles will make the price even higher. For example, full angle, full light, 360 degree light, etc.

(6) Life expectancy

The key to different quality LED lights is life, and life depends on light decay. The light decay is small, the life is long, the price rises, and the life of the LED lamp is higher than the life of the traditional lamp.

(7) LED chip

The LED illuminator is a chip, the chip is different, the price is very different, and the chip is the most important part of the LED lamp.

UFO led high bay light Lamp beads.JPG

(8) chip power size

The price of the chip is different. The quality of high-power chip LEDs is better than that of small chips, and the price is proportional to the chip power.

(9) Colloid

The colloid of ordinary LEDs is usually epoxy, and LEDs with ultraviolet and flame retardant are more expensive. High quality outdoor LED lighting should be resistant to UV rays and fires. Good gels are safer in everyday use and are effective in avoiding short circuits and other accidents.

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