How to Choose the Best Lighting for your Hockey Pitch?

Nov. 18, 2020

2021 Best LED Hockey Pitch Lighting Luminaire

For hockey fans, the excitement of hockey is that it can satisfy the combination of fun and competition and give play to team cooperation. But if you need to continue playing at night, you need proper hockey pitch lighting.

Let us understand what requirements and conditions are met for the best hockey pitch lighting.

Table of Contents

1.Hockey stadium lighting requirements

1.1 Illumination

1.2 Uniformity

1.3 Energy saving

1.4 Avoid light pollution

1.5 Anti-glare

2.Why choose LED lights as hockey pitch lighting?

2.1 Higher light efficiency

2.2 Higher lifespan

2.3 No light pollution

2.4 Better lighting flexibility

3.What can we offer you?

Hockey stadium lighting requirements

Hockey Pitch

1.1 Illumination

The size of the hockey pitch is about 300 feet (91.4 meters) x 180 (55 meters). The area that needs to be illuminated is very large. The hockey pitch for daily entertainment training usually needs to meet the illumination of 150-300LUX, and the professional game needs to reach 300 -750LUX illumination, we need a lot of lighting fixtures to achieve lighting purposes.

1.2 Uniformity

This is the uneven light distribution of the venue caused by the position of the light pole and the installation of the lighting device. One part is too bright and the other part is too dark, which greatly affects the experience and the performance of the athletes.

The hockey pitch uniformity requirement for daily entertainment training can reach 0.5, while the lighting uniformity requirement for professional games is about 0.7.

1.3 Energy saving

Modern hockey stadium lighting needs to meet energy-saving and durable conditions while achieving the best illuminance. In the past, high-power outdoor metal halide floodlights with a power of 2,000 watts were usually used. The metal halide lamps can achieve high color rendering and color temperature, but its luminous efficiency can only reach 90LM/W. In order to achieve the illuminance, a large amount of electricity is required. , And the warm-up time is long.

1.4 Avoid light pollution

In addition to sufficient brightness, hockey pitch lighting also needs to consider the problem of light pollution. Excess light will irradiate unnecessary areas around and cause discomfort to surrounding residents. Choose lamps that can focus light-to avoid light pollution and make full use of it Light.

Outdoor Hockey Pitch led Lighting

1.5 Anti-glare

Hockey Pitch lighting needs to have anti-glare and non-flicker characteristics to improve the vision of athletes and spectators. Generally, the glare index of hockey pitch for daily entertainment training needs to reach GA<55. Professional games require GA<50.

Why choose LED lights as hockey pitch lighting?

2.1 Higher light efficiency

In the past, metal halide lamps could only emit 90LM/W of light effect. However, our LED sports lighting lamp can reach up to 190LM/W. 1000W LED lamps can replace metal halide lamps above 2000W. This means you can save more than half of your electricity bill.

2.2 Higher lifespan

Not only light effects, LED hockey stadium lights can reach a life span of 50,000+ hours. It is more than 5 times that of halogen bulbs. You can save the cost of buying and installing new lights in one or two years.

2.3 No light pollution

The LED lamp has a variety of professional lenses, which can achieve directional lighting, illuminate the light on the required area, and will not cause waste and light pollution.

Directional lighting of lampshining led light

2.4 Better lighting flexibility

LED lights can be dimmed, and more flexible lamp adjustment, more beam angle options. You can get the most suitable lighting for you more easily.

What can we offer you?

1. High-quality LED lamps;

2. Hockey Pitch lighting design;

3. The most suitable lighting solution for you;

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