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Oct. 13, 2020


Mobile Lighting Tower is an important equipment for outdoor projects at night. It is necessary to optimize the lighting efficiency and performance of the Mobile Lighting Tower and increase the service life. It is necessary to obtain the best lighting angle.

This article discusses the benefits and product recommendations of replacing Lighting Tower's metal halide lamps with LED lamps.

Table of Contents

1.Why is it recommended to replace Light Power metal halide Lights with LED lighting?

2.What are the benefits of replacing existing light tower metal halide lamps with LED lighting?

3.Light Tower Replacement Lights Recommended

1.Why is it recommended to replace Light Power metal halide Lights with LED lighting?

Maybe you are using Mobile Lighting Tower, Trailer Light Tower, Portable Light Tower, they all perform very well in industrial lighting. Lighting is very important when working at night. In fact, most lighthouses in the past used metal halide bulbs, which had low efficiency, low lifespan, and long turn-on time, which was very inconvenient to use.

Yes, we manufacture light tower led conversion Lights (only lighting fixtures) to solve Light tower lighting problems. We are a professional lighting company in China. We started to develop and produce the best LED lamps in 2010 and sell them all over the world. We are committed to using the best LED lighting equipment in various areas.We can help you easily replace your existing light tower light fixtures with our most advanced LED lights.

Light Towers led Lighting

2.What are the benefits of replacing existing light tower metal halide lamps with LED lighting?

Carrying out LED transformation on the existing lighthouse, you can get:
1. Increase the service life of the light tower;
2. With the same light output, the energy consumption is only 40% of the original;
3. Quieter, higher quality lighting;
4. No harmful substances are produced;
5. Multiple authoritative safety certifications;
6. No warm-up time is needed, and it can be turned on/off immediately;
7. Reduce the heat of the lamp;
8. Waterproof IP65 or above, more assured for outdoor use;
9. More flexible module design;
10. Professional beam angle lens;

11. Depending on the height of the pole, it can achieve 12-120 feet of lighthouse lighting LED transformation;

3.Light Tower Replacement Lights Recommended

Slim LED High Mast Light


Ultra LED Flood Light


Dragonfly PRO LED Flood Light


slim led high mast lightultra led flood light

dragonfly pro led flood light


1. Lightweight design;

2. High light efficiency;

3. The module can rotate freely;


5.5 years warranty;

6.Waterproof IP66;


8.ETL, DLC, TUV, CE, ROSH, CB, SAA, LCP, IP66, IK08, Salt spray test certification;

9.100W LED lighting can replace 200-250W metal halide. According to calculations, it can be concluded that 1000W metal halide only needs 500W LED lights to be a perfect replacement.;

Light Towers Lighting Replacement Light

LED lighting has excellent high luminous efficiency and longevity. It can extend the service life of the light tower. If you need a replacement but don't know how to start, please feel free to contact us.

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