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Sep. 26, 2020

In the modern market, LED lighting are gradually beginning to be widespread, and the quality of LED lights is also had good and bad. There may be other problems, which seriously affects the status of LED lights in people's minds. So, how do we tell if the LED lights in front of us are good or bad?

1. Look at the driving power used by the LED lamps.

The service life of the power supply is relatively short for other components of the LED luminaire, and the life of the power supply has an impact on the life of the LED lamp. The life of the power supply is determined by the design and materials of the power supply.

LED retrofit kit.jpg

LED low bay light drive.jpg

2. Look at the power efficiency of LED lamps.

Of course, the higher the power efficiency, the better, because the power supply efficiency is high, the power consumption is smaller, and the output power is larger.

3. Look at the overall power factor of the LED lamps.

The low power factor indicates that the driving power supply for this LED lamp is not good, and the circuit design has some problems. The low power factor will reduce the service life of the LED lamp, and other factors are not very useful.

4. Look at the quality of LED lamps Light Source.

The quality of the Light Source can determine the quality of the chip and the quality of the packaging technology.

LED corn light bulbs.jpg

5. Look at the heat dissipation effect of LED lamps.

If your LED lamp uses the same quality Light Source and the power factor is the same, it depends on the heat dissipation system. Because it works at high temperature, the light decay will become very large and the life will be shortened.

UFO LED high bay light Heat dissipation system.jpg

The picture shows the cooling system of the Hurricane UFO LED high bay light.

In the face of the numerous LED lamps on the market, we have to look at their conditions so that we can choose the best LED lights.

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