How to use LED lighting for hotel lighting?

Sep. 26, 2020

Hotel lighting is designed around the gorgeous and intimate holiday theme of the hotel design concept.

The arrangement of LED lamps also emphasizes the human-oriented comfort presentation, pays attention to pragmatism, pays attention to comfort and texture, and meets the pursuit of modern human settlements for lighting quality. The original intention of hotel lighting design is to create a series of lighting fixtures such as led lamps to create a high-rise hotel lighting scene. Let's take a look at how to use led lamps.

Hotel room lighting needs anti-glare, comfort, belonging, hotel room lighting as a typical rest area lighting, in order to meet the customer's rest and sleep, does not require high brightness, illumination requirements of about 200lux, to eliminate glare. At the same time, the color rendering is high, which enables the guest to read the books and mobile phones more clearly and accurately under the lamp.

Hotel lighting can be used with lamps, led lamps, LED spotlights, LED ceiling lamps, LED lights, LED flood lights, LED wall lights, LED chandeliers and so on. The overall color of the hotel's lamps is low, matching the warm environment of the warm colors. Considering the theme of the overall style of the hotel, the color temperature of the lamps that can be used is unified into low-color temperature led lamps, custom-type fancy ceiling lamps, and LED spotlights. In addition to considering professional technical standards, including illuminate, beam angle, anti-glare effect, etc., it must also meet the personality requirements of the hotel brand style in aesthetics.

In addition, in the bathroom area, due to the relatively low space, anti-glare LED spotlights and strips can be used. The low-power spotlights can meet the illumination of the restroom and prevent glare.

It is worth mentioning that in the design process of the entire hotel lighting, deliberately create a restrained, low-key, exquisite comfort, many soft and comfortable indirect lighting to soften the space, even if it is usually required to show the luxury In the restaurant area, the lighting design is also very simple, real and fashionable.

The hotel adopts adjustable LED lighting to dominate the scene lighting. The hotel has various types of rooms and luxury holiday villas. In the lighting renovation project, the original general lighting of the hotel rooms was changed to scene lighting. That is to control the switch through the control panel, adjust the light mode (about 3 different lighting scenes), to provide guests with daily, or romantic, or warm lighting effects.

The hotel meeting room is an environment with very high illumination requirements. In a conference room, it does not need much decoration lighting. It needs a simple tone, a clear orientation and an efficient atmosphere. This lighting objective is fully integrated into the hotel's conference room lighting design. The lamps are basically equipped with LED down lights, LED lights, and the color temperature is warm, which, in harmony with the hotel's color, adds to the harmonious atmosphere of the conference room.

For the hotel lighting design, of course, we must make good use of the unique geographical location, with lighting and existing building conditions, to create a unique window view of each room, to maximize the integration into the natural environment. For this reason, in the lighting design process, especially pay attention to controlling the brightness on the vertical surface, avoiding the use of lamps with brightly illuminated surfaces to eliminate glare, and at the same time reducing the number of lamps, only using warm color temperature, low power led lamps 20W, Deep anti-glare, color temperature 2500K, and wall lamp, table lamp to create a light environment of internal and external communication, to create an opportunity for visitors to enjoy the beauty of the window.

This decentralized point-type light distribution also makes the light distribution in the lighting environment more uniform and soft, so that people can calm down and enjoy the peace of mind.

High-quality LED lighting products, coupled with creative hotel lighting design features, create a beautiful light environment for the hotel, so that all guests who are fortunate enough to stop here can feel the warmth of home.

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