How to choose public park and garden lighting?

Dec. 17, 2020

public park and garden lighting

After dark, many people will walk or run in the outdoor community park at night, but if the lights illuminating the park roads are dim with some flickering, this is obviously not satisfactory. The lighting of parks and gardens should enable people to distinguish obstacles or other hazards, and achieve decorative and energy-saving effects. As a part of the urban natural landscape, public parks, LED lighting is obviously the best choice, and LED is also a trend in the lighting industry in recent years.

So how do we choose the most suitable and high-quality LED lighting for public parks?

Choose public parks, garden lighting needs to pay attention to the following issues.

1. Protection level

Because it is used outdoors, the lamp must have sufficient protection level, and the waterproof needs to reach IP65.

2. Turn on and light up

The lamp can be turned on instantly when needed, instead of a few minutes of warm-up time. In the event of a power failure, it is important to be able to quickly turn on all lamps.

3. Save energy

The light effect of the lamp can play an absolute advantage. With a sufficiently high light effect, 50W can replace 100W HPS/MH lamps.

4. Glare

The lighting of the park area should consider reducing glare and light pollution to nearby houses. The installation height of the lamps is usually high, so the emitted light will produce excessive glare and cause light pollution, which is also a problem that needs to be solved.

5. Appearance

The public park is a beautiful area for relaxation, so aesthetic aspects must be considered, such as the material, color, shape and style of the lamps.

6. Color temperature

In the past, high-pressure sodium lamps used in public parks would project 3000K yellow light, resulting in poor color rendering. This light reduces visual clarity and reduces safety. But in fact, modern parks and gardens usually need 5000K white light to get better color rendering. This provides a better view;

7. Safety certification

In public areas, sufficiently bright lighting can ensure the safety of pedestrians, but at the same time, the product safety of lamps is also important, and the safety certification of lamps needs to be guaranteed;

Our LED public park lights are very beautiful and simple and practical. The use of the twilight dawn sensor allows the lamp to provide different brightness during day and night.

public park and garden led light

led public park light fixture

The main features of the lamps are:

1.Pro post top lights uses a top-down lighting design, which reduces the loss of light and improves the brightness of the ground; while preventing light pollution and glare from lamps;

2.The product has passed multiple certifications, ETL, DLC, TUV-CE, ROSH, CB, SAA, IP65;

3. High efficiency 135Lm/W, 50W can perfectly replace 100W HPS/MH;

4. Optional color temperature 3000-6000K, whether you want to choose warm yellow light or soft white light, we provide customization, so that the color is more accurate, the color rendering is better, they provide better visual clarity, light The quality is also higher.

5. Because it can be turned on and on without preheating, it is possible to install the twilight dawn sensor to let the lamps automatically turn on and off, further saving energy consumption.

6. The service life of the lamp is 50000+ hours, and we provide a 5-year warranty for this lamp.

public park and garden led lighting

We have been manufacturing outdoor park LED landscape lights since 2010, which are unanimously recognized by customers for their efficiency and quality. To get a detailed description and price of LED lighting in public parks, please feel free to contact our lighting engineers via email

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