How lighting suppliers can ensure the quality of LED lights?

Jun. 22, 2019

More and more LEDs are used in industrial and household electricity, and are widely used in indoor and outdoor lighting in various fields.

In addition, LED technology has conquered the fields of entertainment electronics, aerospace, fiber optic communications, medical, optical inspection and other technologies. LEDs have the advantages of light weight, variable light color, long service life and low energy consumption, and will be used more in the future.

led lighting

Today's LEDs are generally ordered in bulk, and production costs and related productivity are extremely important. Even in small-volume orders, product quality cannot be ignored, which is related to the reputation of the manufacturer and the safety of its use. Some people may think that the quality of all led products is the same. However, there are many manufacturers and suppliers of LEDs, and Asian manufacturers supply low-cost LEDs to the world. For LED lighting that is only used as a simple application, low quality LEDs are sufficient. Only a few of these manufacturers are able to produce high quality LEDs. However, high quality LEDs must be used in many areas of lighting, especially in harsh environments such as highways, military/aviation, and industrial applications.

factory led lighting

As an LED lighting supplier, product quality must be the first priority, to ensure that the products that are finally delivered to customers are qualified, and must adhere to three principles: 1. Do not accept defective products 2. Do not manufacture defective products 3. Do not flow out defective products ".

In order to better improve the quality of LED lighting, we need to supervise the production process.

In the entire production process, special personnel must be supervised and managed.

Ensuring that the entire production process, from the procurement of raw materials to the specific production, everything is going very smoothly. There is no problem in the process of connecting the various links, which is the prerequisite for ensuring the product qualification rate.

Below is a flow chart of our Lampshining LED lighting suppliers during product supervision. We firmly believe in making the best products to customers.

Lampshining product production flow chart

In addition, good inspection of the product is another important measure to ensure the quality of the lamp product.

That is to say, after the product is produced, it should pass the professional inspection to ensure that the product is qualified, and finally enter the market, so that customers can purchase our products without worrying about quality problems, and then we can guarantee our afterwards. The cooperation is smoother and more recognized by customers.

Since the launch of LED outdoor road lighting products (street lights, working condition lights, high pole lights, floodlights, etc.), Lampshining has continuously increased the development of LED lighting products, and has formed LED street lights and high pole lights. Multiple series of product lines. At the same time, it can give corresponding road lighting solutions. It is a comprehensive enterprise lighting manufacturer and supplier integrating high-power LED outdoor lighting and intelligent product development, production and sales.

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