Why are LED tunnel lights widely used?

Jun. 25, 2019

At present, among the light sources used in tunnel lighting applications, high-pressure sodium lamps have been widely used due to their high visual efficacy, but high-pressure sodium lamps have poor color rendering and limited range of light source power in tunnel illumination. problem. In some long tunnels, straight tube fluorescent lamps are also used because of their high color rendering and linear illumination. However, fluorescent lamps have a short life span and need to be replaced frequently, which increases the maintenance cost of the tunnel. In addition, the power of the fluorescent lamp is small, and it is impossible to meet the requirements in areas such as the inlet section, the transition section, and the exit section where higher illumination is required.

In recent years, the maturity of lighting technology, LED tunnel light integrated high-pressure sodium lamp, straight tube fluorescent lamp and electrodeless lamp advantages, become the ideal light source equipment for tunnel lighting, summed up the following advantages:

1.High luminous efficiency: At present, the single-chip 1W LED light efficiency can reach 125lm/w or more, and because it is single-sided light, high lamp efficiency can be achieved in the design process of the entire optical system of the lamp.

2.Long life: LEDs can have a life of 50,000 to 70,000 hours under reasonable heat dissipation design and power drive conditions. For 24-hour lighting tunnel lighting applications, maintenance costs can be greatly reduced and investment returns can be shortened. period.

3.Easy light distribution: LED light source has small light-emitting size, single-sided light output, and strong directionality of light, so it can be easily matched with lens or reflector to achieve better light distribution, not only improving the utilization of the whole lamp. Efficiency, even better uniformity.

4.Flexible design of the luminaire: LED tunnel light is not only flexible in power design, but also uses 1W LED device, which can change the number of LED light source according to the actual illuminance requirements, achieve the best energy saving effect, and because of the small size, the shape of the luminaire The design is also very flexible, it can be made into a linear luminaire for better visual transparency, or it can be designed as a rectangular luminaire for the entrance section, transition section and exit section of higher illumination requirements.

Although there are still many difficulties and challenges in the large-scale application of LED tunnel lights, such as the imperfect standards of LED lighting products, the negative impact of some inferior products on marketing, and the high initial cost of LED tunnel lights. These all put pressure on the large-scale market application of LED tunnel lighting products, but these pressures are inevitably encountered in the initial stage of any new technology and new products. However, with the further development of high-power white LED technology, the LED tunnel lighting thermoelectric system technology continues to mature, and people's energy-saving and environmental awareness are further enhanced. LED technology will definitely create a new future for the semiconductor lighting industry in tunnel lighting applications.

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