Best Baseball Stadium LED Lights - Buying guide

Sep. 09, 2020

Baseball Stadium LED Lighting

Baseball is a favorite recreational sport in the United States, but to satisfy the idea of playing at night, more light is needed to illuminate the baseball stadium.

However, the lighting of a baseball stadium is a very large project. The annual electricity consumption and the cost of replacing lamps are very distressing. Do you have the same problem?

This article will list related matters and product recommendations for baseball stadium lighting.

Let's get to it.

1. Best Baseball Stadium LED Lights

2. Lighting requirements for baseball stadium

2.1 Brightness Level

2.2 Light flickering and glare

2.3 Illumination uniformity

2.4 High color rendering

3.How to choose the best LED baseball stadium lighting?

3.1 Bright enough

3.2 High light efficiency

3.3 Optional Beam angle

3.4 Waterproof and anti-corrosion performance

3.5 Cooling system

3.6 Turn on time

3.7 No stroboscopic lighting

4.Why choose Lampshining? What can we do for you?

4.1 Baseball Stadium LED Lights Products Recommended


1.Best Baseball Stadium LED Lights

In the past, metal halide lamps used reflectors to focus light and were known for their high lumen output, so they were the most commonly used light source. The lamps used in Major League Baseball stadiums are also metal halides. However, this is before LED lighting has not been used in stadiums. In the past, metal halides could achieve a light efficiency of 80-100Lm/W, which was already the highest light efficiency at that time.

Today's LED stadium lights can reach 160-190LM/W luminous efficiency, which means that 100W LED stadium lights can perfectly replace 200-250W metal halide. The 1000W metal halide is very heavy. It is necessary to control the number of lamps on a 100-foot pole, otherwise it is very unsafe. However, LED stadium lights are light in weight and do not require high wattage. Only 400W-600W can perfectly surpass metal halide lights, and provide more uniform and customizable light, enhancing the line of sight of baseball stadiums and spectators.

The baseball field at night uses LED lighting

Not only that, LED stadium lights do not need to use reflectors, and do not need to be preheated when turned on, which reduces more light loss. In addition, the service life of LED lamps is 50000+ hours, and the maintenance cost is greatly reduced, which means you can get rid of the trouble of replacing all lamps every 1-2 years. LED lights are cost-effective and can save 75% of energy comprehensively.

Obviously, LED lights have become the best lights for baseball stadiums.

2. Lighting requirements for baseball stadium

2.1 Brightness Level

The lighting of the baseball stadium is based on lux, but it does not need to be so demanding for every venue. The daily recreational venue only needs 300 LUX to exercise happily.

casual games: 300 Lux;

Amateur games: 500 Lux

General game: 1000 Lux

Professional games: 1500 Lux

Illumination standards for baseball fields

Shoot the lighting of the baseball field from a height

2.2 Light flickering and glare

If the light has glare, it will affect the sight of athletes and spectators. This means it will be unsafe and affect performance. In baseball, the maximum speed of the ball can reach 130 km/h. It is important to choose lighting without flicker and glare.

Baseball is very popular in the United States, Canada and Asia. There are a lot of leagues games every year. In the game, lighting is very important for baseball stadiums or other stadiums. The visibility of athletes and spectators at low-quality lighting venues can also affect the quality of television transmission.

2.3 Illumination uniformity

Uniformity also affects the judgment of athletes. If the field lighting is uneven, it will result in that some baseball fields are too bright and some are too dark. The uniformity of lighting usually reaches 0.4 in the baseball field and 0.5 in the outer field. If the field requirements are higher, it can be Reach 0.6.

2.4 High color rendering

The color rendering affects the true color of the baseball field. If the color rendering is too low, it will affect the game experience and safety. Usually CRI needs to be above 70.

3.How to choose the best LED baseball stadium lighting?

If you want to choose the most suitable LED baseball stadium lights, then you need to understand the following parameters and features.

3.1 Bright enough

Obviously this is necessary, whether it is entertainment or professional baseball stadiums, high-lumen floodlights must be installed.

3.2 High light efficiency

High-efficiency lamps can reduce more electricity bills and use smaller wattages, increasing safety when using high poles.

3.3 Optional Beam angle

The diversified illumination angle is to adapt to different scenes, and the appropriate beam angle can more easily obtain high uniformity and high quality illumination.

3.4 Waterproof and anti-corrosion performance

The baseball field is outdoors, so these two properties are very important. The lamps must at least pass the IP65 waterproof and Salt Spray test.

led lighting fixtures ip65 waterproof

3.5 Cooling system

An excellent baseball stadium light needs a good cooling system. If it cannot dissipate heat well, the life of the light will be reduced.

3.6 Turn on time

It turns on immediately, and the LED light does not require warm-up time. There is no delay in illuminating the entire baseball field area, which means that it can be quickly restored even if the power is suddenly cut off.

3.7 No stroboscopic lighting

This will affect the experience and safety of spectators and athletes, high-quality LED lamps should be available.

4.Why choose Lampshining? What can we do for you?

We have ten years of manufacturing and sales experience, and we have completed many sports lighting projects.

You need to provide the corresponding site information. Our engineers will design the best lighting layout and angle for you. After selecting the most suitable lamps, we will provide you with DIALUX lighting simulation design.

Four cases of stadium lighting

4.1 Baseball Stadium LED Lights Products Recommended

Ultra LED Stadium Light


Dragonfly LED Stadium Light


Round Slim LED Stadium Light


two ultra led stadium lightstwo dragonfly series led stadium lightstwo round slim series led stadium lights

baseball field led flood lighting


The development of LED lights is beyond imagination, high luminous efficiency, high lumens, long life, no flicker, no waiting, no light pollution are not reachable by metal halides. If you want to build or replace baseball stadium lighting, or want to know the cost of the entire baseball stadium lighting project, please feel free to contact us, we will answer you as soon as possible.

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