Why are more and more soccer fields lighting using LED sport lighting?

Sep. 09, 2020

LED lamps have become the mainstream choice for outdoor soccer field lighting. However, in the face of a wide variety of LED floodlights on the market, do you really make the right choice? We know that LED lamps used as outdoor lighting can be classified according to their use and application, such as common street lights, landscape lights, mining lights, tunnel lights, etc. Each type of luminaire is designed according to the specific use environment, and there will be differences in technical parameters such as power, color temperature, illuminating angle, and installation method. Therefore, we can't simply apply when choosing soccer field LED lighting fixtures, but we should choose according to the specific needs of soccer field lighting.

led soccer field sport lighting

When using LED soccer field lighting to illuminate the playing field, the image is brighter and clearer on the TV because the LED soccer field lighting balances between warm and cool colors. There are almost no shadows, glare or black spots, so the motion remains clear and unobstructed. LED sports lighting can also be adjusted according to the venue of the competition, the time of the competition and the type of competition being broadcast.

Below, the characteristics of our soccer field lighting to specifically analyze how to choose LED soccer field lighting:

1. The soccer field is wide, and the length of the 11-person soccer field is more than 100 meters. The installation of lights on such a large area of the stadium requires relatively high power and projection distance. According to the specifications of the soccer field, 200-800 watt LED lamps are generally used. In view of the illumination distance of the light, we usually choose floodlight type LED lamps.

led soccer field sport lighting fixtures 200-800 watt

2, the general installation height of the soccer field lighting is very high, the height of the standard 11-person soccer field light pole can reach 25-30 meters. This height brings a very big test to the daily maintenance management of the lamps. Therefore, as a soccer field lighting LED lamps are also superior to other types of lamps in various performance indicators. Specifically, the stability of the chip, the heat dissipation performance of the shell is good, the protection index is high, the overall sealing of the lamp is tight, the water vapor is automatically discharged, and the power supply is stable.

led soccer field sport lighting

In fact, the pictures released are all real feedback pictures from customers. We can see that the products are very effective after being used in football field lighting.

3, high-quality LED soccer field lighting performance indicators are as follows: using high-quality LED chips, try to choose a large brand of chips; It uses aluminum heat sink to dissipate heat, has good heat dissipation performance and light weight, and is 50% lighter than die Installation of lightweight LED sports field lighting will be more convenient for maintenance.

The high-power lamps can help to prolong the service life of the lamps; the illumination angle is controlled at 60 degrees to effectively extend the projection distance of the lamps.

So, what is the total project cost? The average installation cost of the arena ranges from $125,000 to $400,000, while the cost of installing soccer stadiums ranges from $800,000 to $2 million, depending on the size of the soccer field. Lighting facilities, etc. With energy and maintenance costs reduced, LED sports lighting soccer stadiums can save 75% to 85% of total energy costs, and usually see the return on investment of LED sports lighting systems within a few years.

Combined with the above three points analysis, we can compare the performance indicators of LED lighting fixtures in outdoor soccer stadiums, and in combination with the actual environment of the venue, we can basically select high-quality LED lamps that meet the lighting requirements of soccer stadiums. Applicable around the clock, long service life, sufficient light efficiency, low failure rate, easy installation, 5 years warranty and light weight. This is the reason for choosing LED lighting for the Lampshining soccer stadium. We are China LED Lighting Manufacturer.

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