LED Lights source problem

Sep. 26, 2020

LED lights source problem

1. Visual effect: positive white is equivalent to the color of noon sunlight, while warm white is equivalent to the color of street lamps at night, slightly yellow, giving a relatively dark feeling, but warm and warm.

2. Color temperature reading is different: led warm white is generally 2800-3500k, positive white is about 5500K, cold white is more than 6500K.

3. Brightness difference: brightness, popularly understood as the flux of light (in fact, brightness has a professional explanation, its unit is candela/m2), its unit is lumen. Lumen is the human eye's perception of light, the same level of chip, the LED warm white lumen value is slightly lower than the positive white.

4. Different scope of application.

Cold white is suitable for offices, conference rooms, classrooms, drawing rooms, design rooms, library reading rooms, display Windows and other places. Warm white is suitable for the family, residence, dormitory, hospital, hotel and other places, or the temperature is relatively low place. White is suitable for offices.

The emitting Light emitting Diode (LED) emitting Light emitting Diode (emitting Diode) technology is the main emitting Light source of the lamps.

LED is a solid-state semiconductor components, and its consequent use current flow to the semiconductor junction, again by semiconductor in the separation of negatively charged electrons and positively charged holes after combination, two kinds of carriers and photon emission, different kinds of LED can emit from infrared to blue, and purple light to UV between different wavelengths of light, etc.

LED lamps are small, light in weight, and encapsulated in epoxy resin, which can withstand high strength mechanical shock and vibration, not broken, and the brightness attenuation cycle is long, so its service life can be up to 30,000-50,000 hours.

Since the service life of LED lamps can reach 5 ~10 years, not only the replacement cost of lamps can be greatly reduced, but also because of its characteristics of driving light with very little current. Under the same lighting effect, the power consumption of LED lamps is only half of that of fluorescent lamps. Therefore, LED also has the advantages of power saving and energy saving.

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