Students'nearsightedness is rising,will lighting be one of the effects ?

Sep. 26, 2020

    LED lights are now widely used, not only because they are beautiful, but also because they are healthy, energy-saving and pollution-free, making them suitable for all occasions. Common LED lamps, LED Corn light, ufo led high bay light, led low bay light, etc. They are all hot choices, and they are no exception in school. Let's talk about the benefits that LED lights can bring to schools.

    In our country , there are more and more students wearing glasses for myopia . One data is particularly shocking . Nearly 40% of primary school students are already nearsighted . The number of high school and college myopia is rising sharply , close to 70% . The rapidly increasing myopia rate has aroused people's strong concern . 

    When parents found that their eyes were not so good , they tried to find a way to remedy it . It was already late , and it was almost ineffective . In fact , children's vision is the same as many things , and needs to be prevented in advance . 

Reasons for students ' myopia . 

    First of all , there are more and more people wearing glasses in myopia . When they leave the world of glasses , they are different from the original ones . It is very troublesome , and there are many reasons for myopia . Now there is no more accurate statement about what caused it . However , most still have their own ideas . In this electronic age , primary school students . 

school led ligh.jpg

    There are many electronic products used , such as mobile phones , TVs , games , genetic causes , nutritional reasons , and environmental reasons . It is estimated that most people , the first thing they want to think about is these points , and they are always paying attention , but they still can't protect their children's eyesight very well . Therefore , parents are not working hard enough . Also , there should be other problems .

     There is also a lack of lighting in the school . 

    Most people don't care about lighting . Some schools may have a little light , but if the light is not good , the lighting has a lot to do with the child's eye myopia . Many schools use traditional fluorescent lighting , which not only wastes power , but also because the lamps themselves contain heavy metals .

school led ligh.jpg

 It will affect the health of adolescents ; the most important thing is that such lamps can not be guaranteed to be stable due to voltage , and often appear darker and stroboscopic , which has a great impact on students ' vision .

school led ligh.jpg    

 Today's children are very heavy , many students still need to be repaired to the evening , and the lighting in the classroom is very poor at night , and there are stroboscopic lights , which further aggravate the students ' eye fatigue . The darkness of the lights makes the students unable to see the contents of the books . Reading eyes too close can cause vision loss . Considering this , many schools have replaced traditional lamps with LED lights to protect children's vision , reduce eye fatigue and increase learning efficiency . This is now Many people should pay attention .

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Students'nearsightedness is rising,will lighting be one of the effects ?'>


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