Football field LED stadium floodlights

Sep. 26, 2020

LED luminaires have been a popular choice for many scenes. However, in the face of a wide variety of LED floodlights on the market, how to choose the right football field lighting fixtures?

We know that LED lamps used as outdoor lighting can be classified according to their use and application, such as common street lights, landscape lights, mining lights, tunnel lights, and so on. Each type of luminaire is designed according to the specific use environment, and there will be differences in technical parameters such as power, color temperature, illuminating angle, and installation method. Therefore, we can't simply apply when choosing football field LED floodlights, but we should choose to accord to the specific needs of football field lighting.

1. The football field is wide, and the length of the 11-a-side football field is more than 100 meters. The installation of lights on such a large area of the stadium requires relatively high power and projection distance. According to the specifications of the football field, 400-800 watt LED lamps are generally used. Considering the illumination distance of the light, we usually choose to concentrate LED lamps.

2. The general installation height of the football field lamps is very high. The height of the standard 11-a-side football field light pole can reach 25+30 meters. This height brings a very big test to the daily maintenance management of the lamps. Therefore, as a football field lighting LED lamps are also superior to other types of lamps in various performance indicators. The specific performance is in the stability of the chip, the heat dissipation performance of the outer casing is good, the protection index is high, the overall sealing of the lamp is tight, the water vapor is automatically discharged, and the power supply is stable.

3, high quality LED football field lighting performance indicators are as follows: the use of chip-type series LED chip array, try to choose a large brand of chips; fin-type heat sink, high-power lamps to help the lamp life extension; lamp housing Adding exhaust valves, the moisture accumulated in the lamps is automatically discharged into the lamp body; the illumination angle is controlled at 60 degrees to effectively extend the projection distance of the lamps.

football field led stadium floodlight.jpg

Combined with the analysis, combined with the actual environment of the site, we can refer to the performance indicators of Football field LED stadium floodlights to select LED lamps suitable for the lighting requirements of football stadiums. Long service life, sufficient light efficiency, low failure rate, easy installation and easy maintenance, it is very suitable for football field lighting.

Here we recommend the 720W High mast light, this luminaire is very suitable for the sports field, it can also have very good effect on the football field, he has a high efficiency of 155LM/W, the light quantity of 111600LM, can also change the light at will. The angle, whether it is live or TV broadcast, will be clear and bright under the illumination of this luminaire.

720w led high mast stadium flood light.jpg

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