Spotlight VS Floodlight: Which is Better Right for you?

Nov. 25, 2021

LED lights are widely used in various indoor and outdoor lighting venues. LED lights also include many types. Floodlights and spotlights are popular types of lighting fixtures, but many people can’t tell the difference between floodlights and spotlights, and what are the advantages of each? Hope this article can help you.

The biggest difference between floodlights and floodlights is the projection angle of the light. The beams of the floodlights are relatively uniform, and the light is concentrated on the buildings or landscape objects that need special display. The lighting range of floodlights is compared, evenly distributed at the specified angle.

Spotlight VS Floodlight

What is a spotlight

1. The projection angle of the spotlight is usually 25 to 45 degrees;

2. Mainly used for decorative lighting, decoration lighting, commercial space lighting, billboard lighting, local lighting, landscape lighting, stage lighting, etc.;

3. Set off the atmosphere and highlight the uniqueness of the illuminated items;

What is floodlight

1. The projection angle of the floodlight is more flexible, usually 30-120 degrees, if there is a higher demand, there can be other projection angles.

2. Floodlight is a kind of lighting that can evenly illuminate the area within a specified angle. The combination of multiple floodlights in the scene can achieve great lighting effects. Similar to indoor candles or light bulbs, the irradiation range is large.

The above is the main difference between spotlights and floodlights. Usually two kinds of lamps can be used in combination to achieve the best results. If you just want to illuminate the site as in the daytime to facilitate work, then the combination of floodlights with different powers and beam angles it's the best.

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