How to properly use LED lights in stores

Sep. 26, 2020

Shopping mall lighting is considered one of the most mature and fastest applications for LEDs. Walmart Shopping Center has replaced the lights with LED lights, only to be more environmentally friendly and energy-saving and to make customers happy. The shopping center is not only a place to buy goods, but also an environment suitable for leisure. The lighting effect is indispensable, and LED lighting has a strong advantage in performance. However, whether LED can play a greater role in the market lighting market needs to be refined to various performance parameters and lighting effects of each product according to the specific lighting environment and the humanized needs of consumers.

According to the customer's visual requirements and the characteristics of different products, the goods are analyzed, and then which light is used to make the customer's visual comfort.

Reasonable lighting, good color reproduction, proper brightness distribution, and comfortable visual environment; through reasonable distribution, can attract customers' attention to the goods, and increase the customer's desire to purchase in a comfortable shopping environment. Light and color temperature affect people's psychological feelings. We will analyze the following factors on how to match the lamps.

Different lighting and color temperatures have a great impact on people's psychology. The spatial impression is determined by the color temperature and the environmental impression of the light. Japan has done a lot of research on contrast and people's psychological feelings. High color temperature requires high brightness, and low color temperature requires low illumination.

Different colors have different responses to taste, which is also related to the instinctive reaction of people seeing things. For example, red and yellow think of apples and oranges. Both red and yellow have a sweet, sour, stimulating appetite that enhances appetite; dark green, blue-green feels bitter, affecting appetite.

Lighting not only has the function of lighting, but also has an impact on people's psychology: the higher the color temperature, the more refreshing the feeling, otherwise the lower the warmth. Psychologists have found that in a red environment, people's pulse speeds up, their blood pressure rises, and their emotions are prone to excitement; in a blue environment, their pulse slows and their mood is calmer.

The purpose of store lighting is to attract consumer interest in providing appropriate lighting for different commodity areas, color temperature, light efficiency and brightness changes, and to communicate product information, service concepts and brand culture with customers. Finally, it aims to promote the sales of goods and establish a brand image.

Lighting in different areas of the mall.

Different types of shopping malls have different requirements for lighting effects, so the focus of lighting matching is also different.

At present, the main lamps and light sources for the environment lighting of shopping malls are energy-saving lamp and fluorescent lamp brackets, grille lamps and metal halite lamps. Is LED suitable as a new generation of shopping mall lighting source? Experts generally believe that commercial lighting is the most advanced general-purpose lighting application for LEDs. Improving luminous flux, reliability and cost performance is the key to its rapid intervention. The lighting of the mall can be further refined according to different occasions, and different products have different requirements for lighting.

1. Fruits and flowers.

Fresh products and flowers have the most vibrant colors. Pure white illumination directly reflects green and sweet red. Dark fruits and vegetables such as red and yellow have a warm light of about 3300K. Light green vegetables such as green have a cool white light of 4500K-5500K, and the CRI should be greater than 80. The LED has a variety of color temperatures, which can restore the most vivid and realistic products. Color, increase the desire of customers to purchase, and enhance the circulation and freshness of goods.

2 meat and poultry

Fresh and high quality meat and poultry products must look clean and hygienic. Light pink makes the beef and lamb look fresh. Balanced tones and more tones can make meat and poultry look fresh and enticing. The LED light source has the characteristics of low color temperature and many red light components, which not only can improve the color development effect of the meat, but also can reduce the infrared heat radiation, which is beneficial to the long-term preservation of the meat.

3 marine food

Fresh, high quality fish and marine products should be paired with the region. The cold white light reminds the consumer of clear water and makes the seafood look fresher. The LED light source with high color temperature and blue light component can not only improve the color development effect, but also has small infrared heat radiation, which is beneficial to long-term storage and anti-corrosion.

4 baked fried food

The warm lighting makes the yellow baked food more delicious and enticing, giving the oven a fresh feel. Entering the baking area, the consumer will notice that the light turns yellowish amber. The soft yellow lighting effect makes the cake feel warm and enticing. Use the same soft, warm lighting on the shelves to further enhance the overall visual effect.

5 jewelry

Jewelry is a luxury item, and the price is generally expensive, so make sure that the counter is bright and eye-catching, the indoor light is harmonious, the correct color of the jewelry is clearly displayed, and the exquisite craftsmanship and true color of the jewelry are displayed, attracting the customer's eye and emitting lightest. Attractive lighting that attracts customers to buy.

The main factors to consider when choosing a jewelry store's lighting include color temperature, lighting, flicker, infrared ultraviolet light, and so on. According to the relevant data, jewelry can show the best appearance under the light of 3300K-7000K color temperature. Different jewelry requirements, such as gold jewelry, jade and diamond lighting requirements are very different. At present, LEDs are the new darling of jewelry lighting because of their wide color temperature range and low heat, which are almost incompatible with ultraviolet and infrared rays.

6 clothing products

There are many kinds of clothing, and there are many ways to display them. Natural and warm colors are the best. The downlight and the adjustable angle spotlight are generally used for button illumination. The light source is mainly a tungsten halogen lamp and a metal halide lamp, and the color development requirement is high. However, both tungsten halogen lamps and metal halide lamps have high calorific value. These problems can be solved with high-color LED spotlights and LED tube lights.

Applying color temperature adjustment technology to clothing display lighting has greatly helped the promotion of clothing products. Compared with tungsten halogen lamps, halogen lamps and fluorescent lamps, LED light sources have outstanding advantages such as high luminous efficiency, energy saving, long life, small maintenance, wide color temperature range, simple and flexible control, adjustable light color and low LED. Curly, almost no infrared rays, green.

7. Shop Barn

There are many other lights in the store for display, and the lighting of the store's barn is also very particular. The barn is generally large, the ceiling is high, and the LED lamps with high power are needed to meet the lighting of the barn, and Shop LED Pole Barn Lighting is more suitable, IP65 protection grade, multi-color temperature, multi-power, multi-lumen value options can be considered.

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