How should warehouse lighting choose the right LED light fixture?

Jun. 15, 2019

In recent years, LED lights have developed rapidly and have been applied to various industries in society. In order to ensure the delivery of products, not only the competition in terms of quality, type and price of goods is fierce, but the delivery speed is also the focus of attracting customers. In order to improve the delivery speed, major companies have established warehouse warehousing. In order to increase the speed of warehousing and maximize the efficiency of the staff, a high-quality warehouse lighting system is one of the necessary conditions.

led warehouse lighting

Studies have shown that high-quality storage lighting systems can not only improve the efficiency of warehousing and logistics operations,

It ensures the safety of the intelligent storage environment and can reduce the maintenance cost and operating cost of the logistics enterprise.

For each factory, the warehouse is an indispensable important place. Then, when designing the warehouse lighting, what factors should be paid attention to in the high-quality storage LED warehouse lighting? What kind of LED warehouse lighting should be chosen?

led warehouse lighting

1. LED lamp safety

The first thing we need to consider is the safety of LED luminaires, safety is the first. The lamp is required to have a certain IP rating, the electrical circuit is sealed, the safety hazard and the fault point are low. This will ensure that the LED luminaires work properly and safely.

2. Reasonable LED lighting solution.

According to the visual comfort and the height of the environment, a reasonable lighting scheme should be designed, and the lamps with appropriate illumination should be selected to ensure the brightness and uniformity of the LED storage illumination, reduce unnecessary shadows, and make the visual space clear and bright.

3. High quality lamps.

The LED warehouse light fixtures used in our chosen warehouse have a long life. And need to have the characteristics of safety, energy saving and environmental protection. Because for the warehouse, it is not appropriate to replace the lamps frequently, which will increase the cost, not cost-effective, it is best to choose LED lamps with good stability and long life. There is also a need for a high color rendering index that should clearly identify the labels on the goods and goods. This will be the key to improving the efficiency of warehouse staff.

4. Vertical illumination.

Most of the visual work in the warehouse occurs on the vertical plane, so in addition to ensuring the basic horizontal illumination of the walkway,

The vertical illumination of the shelf is the most critical factor in determining the quality of LED lighting.

5. Lighting dimming.

LED warehouse lighting with sensors enables intelligent lighting, turn off when there is enough brightness during the day, and turn on when lighting is needed at night. Auto dimming can save a lot of energy for huge storage. .

For the choice of LED lighting for warehouse lighting, we should also combine the surrounding environment. At the same time, it should also deal with the effective combination of lighting source and natural light to improve the quality of warehouse lighting.

So which lamps can be suitable for warehouse lighting? Here we recommend the following lamps.

1.LED Flat High Bay Light

led flat high bay light

2.LED Linear High Bay Lights

LED Linear High Bay Lights

3.UFO LED High Bay Light

UFO LED High Bay Light

Because of the high luminous efficiency and high luminous flux of the luminaire, the illuminance value fully meets the requirements. The after-sales cost is extremely low. The luminaire supports lifting and ceiling mounting.

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