Why does warehouse lighting replace HPS lamps with LED lamps?

Nov. 11, 2019

The design of the warehouse can directly affect the efficiency of employees, productivity, and will directly affect the final profit. How to better transport and store products through warehouse storage? The warehouse area is large, the clarity of work is very important, warehouse lighting is not negligible in the warehouse design. This is also a major factor in ensuring the efficiency and safety of workers.

warehouse led high bay lighting

The luminaires commonly used in warehouses are high-pressure sodium (HPS), which is a yellow light of around 1900K, which is very unfriendly to the light of the warehouse and creates a rough and rough shadow, resulting in poor overall visibility. In addition, high-pressure sodium lamps require routine maintenance and frequent replacement, which increases the material and labor costs, and does not work properly during replacement, affecting productivity.

With the development of LED lighting technology, it has become a common phenomenon to replace traditional HPS lamps in warehouse lighting. The long life and light efficiency and low-cost maintenance make it the best warehouse lighting solution, which caused the market. extensive attention. However, despite the reduced total cost of ownership due to the energy savings and maintenance costs of official warehouse LED lighting, many companies still use traditional HPS lamps due to the relatively high initial investment.

High-quality warehouse LED luminaires are indeed more expensive than HPS, but long-term benefits and cost savings allow companies to recover their investments in almost two years. Our warehouse UFO LED High Bay Light can reach a life of 50,000 hours, which means that if you open 12 hours a day, it will reach the end of life after 11 years. And during this time almost no maintenance is required, only cleaning is required. This is only a cost analysis. In terms of efficiency, LED warehouse lighting can achieve 160LM/W light efficiency, 3000-6500K color temperature selection, and higher color rendering. Obviously, the use of LED lights in warehouse lighting is the best choice.

In addition to direct energy and maintenance costs, warehouse LED lamps have other features, mainly these:

1. Can achieve intelligent control

Since HPS and other HID luminaires typically require a long warm-up time to achieve 100% illumination, most lamps will not be used regardless of whether the control system can be used. This burns a lot of unnecessary electrical energy and shortens the life of the luminaire. The LED warehouse light can be turned on and off in time, no warm-up time is required, and remote control can be used. It can therefore be equipped with a zigbee control system or an inductive sensor. The sensor automatically switches or reduces illumination as the environment and human behavior change, and opens the worker as soon as they enter the area. This can only be achieved with warehouse LEDs with smart controls, which HPS cannot implement. This will make energy consumption even lower.

2. Security

The light from most HPS fixtures is dim and unnatural, not only making the environment darker, less active, but also depressing. It also has a direct impact on the line of sight, so that the words on the sign are not clearly visible. This poses a major security risk, and if the worker makes a mistake for visual reasons, it will have a huge impact. LED lighting has a color rendering index of over 80, providing clear lighting with near-sunlight quality to help workers clearly distinguish colors. LEDs also reduce discomfort caused by glare and reduce employee fatigue.

3. Directional lighting

Because the light of the LED is directional light, the light utilization of the LED illumination can reach more than 98%. Traditional HPS luminaires emit extra light because of the lack of directional illumination. If you want to directional light, you will use a reflector, which will lose more than 30% of the light. This means wasting a lot of light and energy,

4. No pollution

Traditional HPS luminaires are one of the least environmentally friendly light sources on the market. Not only are they extremely inefficient, but they also generate a lot of harmful substances. Since each HPS fixture contains up to 50 mg of harmful mercury, long-term use can have an impact on people and the environment. The LED lamp does not contain mercury and is a truly green warehouse lighting fixture. They are not only more energy efficient,

5. High light efficiency

LEDs are capable of high luminous efficacy of 160 LM/W with directional illumination. This is unachievable for HPS. In order to achieve the same illumination, HPS needs to use more lamps to achieve the same effect. However, there is no way to change the color temperature and color rendering.

I believe that seeing here, I already know that warehouse LED lighting can completely replace HPS warehouse lighting. So what problems should warehouse lighting pay attention to when selecting LED lights? Here is a brief overview of the points.

1. Energy saving

According to the operation time, the illumination requirements are different, and it can be used as a two-way lighting circuit or a smart energy dimming control lamp;

2. Security

Lighting fixtures with dustproof and anti-corrosion should be used to ensure the safe operation of the lamps;

3. Long life

It is not advisable for the warehouse to change the lamps frequently, to avoid the increase of the cost of the later dimension, and to select lamps with long life and high stability;

4. The height of the warehouse

More common are 4-6 meters of low-rise warehouses, 6-15 meters of middle-level warehouses, and 15 meters of special high-rise warehouses, and choose lamps with reasonable power;

5. The height of the shelf

The shelf height of the middle warehouse is generally 2 meters, while the shelf of the middle warehouse is generally 8 meters. Considering the height of the shelf, the position of the lamp is reasonably installed;

6. Illumination requirements

In order to clearly identify the goods and labels, under normal circumstances, the minimum brightness to the ground should not be lower than 80 lux, different environmental and area requirements will be different;

Warehouse LED lighting greatly reduces lighting waste, and contains no harmful substances, longevity, reduced energy consumption, and higher quality lighting. These reasons make warehouse LED luminaires a perfect replacement for HPS warehouse lighting. Achieve sustainability goals by transforming warehouse lighting that can make your overall efficiency and cost lower. If you need to know more or need a warehouse lighting solution, please contact us, we have a professional staff to answer your questions.

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