Why Choose the Right LED Warehouse Lighting?

Nov. 15, 2019

Global logistics companies are beginning to build highly automated, versatile, high-density modernities around the world logistics center. In order to improve the efficiency of logistics operation, warehouse lighting is directly driven by the market demand of 20% per year. Warehouse lighting is important. With the right lighting, you can save money and reduce the impact on the environment by choosing the lighting system that uses the latest technology. High-quality lighting systems can reduce energy consumption over time. In modern times, the requirements for lighting functions in warehouse lighting are also constantly improving. Modern warehouse lighting should have high quality, high efficiency, energy saving and intelligent control. The development of LED lighting meets the needs of warehouse lighting, improves the efficiency of logistics operations, reduces the failure rate, and improves work efficiency.

Business and industry warehouse led lighting

For the factory, the warehouse is an indispensable important place, then we should note when designing the warehouse lighting.What is the problem? What kind of LED lighting should I choose?

1. Security

The first consideration for us is the safety of LED luminaires, and safety is the number one priority. The lamp is required to have a certain IP rating, the electrical circuit is sealed, the safety hazard and the fault point are low. This will ensure that the LED luminaires work properly and safely.

2. Cost

Considering the potential cost of lighting is a very clever idea. The cost is not only the cost of the initial installation, but also the operating cost of lighting every day during the end of the life of the luminaire. If the long-term operating costs are too high, even the initial cost is not useful.

For example, the new warehouse UFO LED high bay light can emit 160 LM / W light, 100W LED light can emit 16000 light. If you choose traditional metal halide warehouse lighting, up to 80LM / W light first, 100W The metal halide warehouse lamp intelligently emits 8000 lumens of light. This directly differs by twice the cost of electricity, which does not take into account the problem of light wastage and lighting effects of metal halides. In the long run, this will eventually cost you and your company more money.

There are many options for LED lights on the market today. If you simply replace the bulb, you can choose LED corn light or LED retrofit kit. Warehouse UFO LED High Bay Light can be used if the entire luminaire needs to be replaced.

Before the LEDs were developed, the light in the warehouse was usually dim and depressed. If the lighting is not good, the atmosphere and color of the warehouse make the staff less enthusiastic and affect the work efficiency.

warehouse led lighting design

There are many issues to consider when designing warehouse lighting. If you need to know more, you can contact us. We have been developing and manufacturing LED lamps for nearly ten years since 2010, and there are many very high-quality cases in warehouse lighting. You can ask some questions and we will provide you with the answers to get the best warehouse LED lighting solution.

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