Why does LED lighting replace traditional lighting?

Jul. 26, 2019

Because LED has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, long life and small size, experts call it another leap after the incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp in the history of human lighting.

First of all, we first understand what is the main application of LED lighting. In recent years, the semiconductor lighting market will be widely used in various signal lights, landscape lighting, street lights, tunnel lights, window lighting, architectural lighting, factory lighting, landscaping of squares and streets, home lighting, public entertainment landscaping and stage lighting. . We can see it everywhere, and the application field is very extensive.

In fact, so far, many people are using traditional metal halide lamps and high pressure sodium lamps. So, can the replacement of traditional lighting fixtures be used for the emerging LED lighting fixtures? why?

There are mainly the following 9 points:

1. Technically, it has the ability to replace traditional light sources. For example, color temperature, color rendering index, luminous efficiency, lifetime, and reliability.

Brightness and color dynamic control is easy, and it can fully meet the market demand of various indoor and outdoor lighting.

This is one of the biggest advantages of LEDs compared to traditional light sources.

2. Life expectancy

Compared with incandescent tubes or low-voltage fluorescent tubes, the stability and long life of LEDs are obvious advantages. The continuous working time of incandescent lamps can rarely exceed 1000 hours, and the continuous working time of fluorescent tubes with electronic drivers can exceed 8000 hours. But LEDs can work without problems for more than 50,000 hours. The actual service life of a high-power LED with good heat dissipation is several times or even several times that of a general light source. It has great advantages in some occasions where it is necessary to illuminate for 24 hours and the maintenance and replacement is inconvenient.

3. Beam

It is not suitable for infrared ray and ultraviolet light. It is especially suitable for professional places such as jewelry stores, museums, art galleries, libraries, cosmetics, etc. It can meet the special requirements of display lighting for specific items, so that the products displayed can achieve fidelity and no corrosion effect. Outdoors are particularly suitable for, for example, stadiums, and various types of sports fields, such as basketball courts, football fields, badminton courts, tennis courts, and the like.

4. Illumination angle

The LED has a fixed illumination angle, high light energy utilization, and small size, and is easy to control the design of the LED lamp and the distribution of the light distribution.

5. Cost, economical. Compared with traditional lighting products, LED cost is a major disadvantage of competition. It is very energy-efficient and efficient. With the improvement of LED light efficiency, its advantages will be more prominent.

6. Direct start

Conventional luminaires will black out quickly if they are frequently turned on and off, and it takes a certain amount of time to warm up. LED lights do not have this problem.

7.led lighting intelligent control

LED can realize intelligent lighting control, change the LED luminous flux through sensing, and let light adapt to the environment. Intelligent lighting not only changes the illuminant, but also integrates various modern technologies such as communication, sensing, cloud computing and Internet of Things. Among them, the achievement of light is not only the effect of light, but also can be more excellent in energy saving.

8. In terms of policy, the global community pays attention to energy conservation and environmental protection. Countries around the world have introduced a large number of policies to encourage energy conservation and limit the use of energy-intensive products.

9. From customer use to industrial capital, LED lighting products and market prospects have been fully recognized. Customers have actively requested the use of LED lighting, which has greatly promoted the industrialization and popularization of LED.

In recent days, Cyprus has also started operations on LED retrofits, signing LED street lighting supply and installation contracts, which is expected to bring 67% energy savings.

The Electricity Authority will install a total of 8,300 LED street lights to upgrade the lighting at a total cost of approximately 1.38 million Euros, including maintenance and maintenance of old fixtures.

The city government said that replacing the light bulb can both reduce power consumption and reduce the cost of electricity paid by the municipality. The city of Larnaca is expected to save approximately €500,000 per year, while contaminants will also be reduced and the quality of the lighting will be better.

Road lighting replacement is expected to begin at the end of December and will be completed by the end of May 2020. Incandescent bulbs are being phased out and must be replaced with new, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly lighting technologies.

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