Can LED lighting completely replace traditional lighting?

Jul. 23, 2019

Traditional incandescent bulbs have provided light for humans since 1880, when lighting efficiency outperformed traditional oil lamps and candles. But with the development of the times, incandescent bulbs are now one of the least efficient lighting tools relative to other lighting sources. Incandescent bulbs of the same illumination consume more than 5 times the power of traditional fluorescent bulbs (CFL) and have a lifespan of one-third to one-sixth the life of fluorescent fluorescent bulbs. When more energy-efficient and longer-life LED lighting are widely used, incandescent bulbs are called the least efficient illumination.


The world is calling for energy conservation and carbon reduction. Many countries have already banned the sale of incandescent light bulbs. The Taiwan region announced in 2008 that it would replace incandescent bulbs in five years, and incandescent bulbs will gradually withdraw from the market. In the past few years, global sales of incandescent lamps have fallen from 12 billion to 2 billion, but many developing countries are still selling and using incandescent bulbs.

Today, the United Nations plans to assist developing countries to introduce lighting energy efficiency regulations. In the United States, the new lighting energy efficiency regulations will come into effect in 2020, stipulating that the lighting efficiency of the bulb must reach more than 45Lm/w. Under this regulation, only fluorescent bulbs and more energy-saving LED lighting can meet the conditions, incandescent bulbs will Disabled. 

In Europe, incandescent bulbs have long been banned and halogen bulbs were completely phased out in September 2018. However, in developing countries, the vast majority have no relevant regulations, and although LED bulbs are more economical and pollution-free for long-term use, consumers in developing countries do not have the concept of this cost, only because of the initial purchase of incandescent Incandescent lamps are chosen for lower lamp costs.

 In order to solve the problem of energy waste, at the end of May 2018, at the Global Energy Efficiency Forum in Copenhagen, the United Nations Energy Program, the non-profit organization Natural Resources Guardian Committee, and Signify, jointly launched a modular specification guide for lighting energy efficiency, hoping that the world will adopt more Energy-saving lighting fixtures. In order to create maximum energy efficiency, mercury contamination of fluorescent bulbs is also avoided. It is planned to eliminate incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs and fluorescent power-saving bulbs, and directly replace the most energy-saving LED lighting.

At present, the guidelines introduced by the plan are only guidelines for regulating general lighting devices. In the future, they will gradually expand to street lighting, office lighting, industrial lighting and other lighting fields. The Natural Resources Guardian Committee believes that if countries that currently lack regulations on lighting energy efficiency can use energy-efficient LED lighting, they will save $18 billion in electricity bills each year and reduce 160 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

According to media reports, Bend City, Oregon, USA will begin to replace more than 2,000 existing public street lights with 3000K color temperature LED lights, which aims to reduce energy costs, maintenance costs and greenhouse gas emissions. The city expects that the conversion of street lamps to LEDs will achieve a total energy savings of nearly 1 million kWh per year, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 619 tons per year.

The Ontario International Airport in Canada has switched to a smart LED lighting system. According to reports, the Ontario International Airport in Canada is replacing traditional high-pressure sodium poles in parking lots and driveways, and switching to LED lighting to provide a better customer experience and achieve energy savings. At the same time, the LED luminaires at the Ontario International Airport parking lot have also been upgraded because the new LED poles are equipped with dimming sensors, and when no one is detected in an area for half an hour, the luminaire brightness will be reduced by half.

At the same time, the smart LED lighting system is also used in Wilmington, USA. It is reported that an intelligent lighting system will be installed in the city. The project began in July 2019. It is planned to install 215 LED street lights and 50 smart sensors in West Center City, North Market Street and Baynard Boulevard. The ultimate goal is to convert all of the city's 7050 street lights into LED street lights. After the project is completed, the city will save up to $150,000 a year.

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