Why is LED lighting the best choice for outdoor parking lot?

Oct. 26, 2019

With the changes of the times, people are increasingly demanding safety and environmental atmosphere. Cars have become a very common means of transportation. Parking lights are very important when parking at night. In the past, high-pressure sodium lamps or metal halides were often used. Now, parking lot lighting replaces traditional lamps with LED lights. It is already an inevitable trend. In outdoor parking lot lighting, lighting design must take into account public safety and harsh environments. 

Similar to LED road lighting, there are two main ways of lighting LED lighting in outdoor parking lots:

1. Use the street light pole to install a single head. This method only needs to directly replace the light bulb with the parking lot LED conversion kit. The height of the street light pole is 6 meters to 8 meters, and the installation spacing is about 20 meters to 25 meters.

parking lot led lighting

2. The use of high pole lighting method reduces the number of redundant wiring and fixture installation. The high-light pole has a wide range of illumination and is easy to maintain. The height of the high pole lamp is: 20m-25m;

parking lot led high mast lighting

They have their own characteristics, shapes and styles depending on the environment.

Here, we discuss several reasons why LED lighting is ideal for parking spaces.

1. Function

HID lamps and LED lamps are common choices, and LEDs are solid-state light sources. They have small size and fast response. They can be combined with modules. The power can be adjusted at will. The characteristics of DC power supply drive bring great convenience to the manufacture of lamps. And in recent years, with the support and promotion of the government, the speed of development is very fast, and the price of LED light source has been alleviated, creating favorable conditions for LED applications.

2. Security

Taking into account the safety, environmental atmosphere and other requirements, take our Lampshining parking lot led retrofit kit as an example, the luminous output of the lamp is over 90%, the power factor of the LED lamp is above 0.95, and the overall luminous efficiency of the LED is 130-150lm/W. Above, the lamp power efficiency is >90%, the color temperature of the LED lamp can be 3000K~5700K according to the environment, the color rendering coefficient is >70, the service life is more than 50,000 hours, the protection level of the lamp is above IP65, and the protection against electric shock is 1. As can be seen from the above parameters, the use of LEDs has completely replaced the HID lamps.

3. LEDs provide better lighting quality than traditional lighting options

Proper light distribution is critical for parking spaces because several entrances and other areas must be illuminated. LEDs have better color rendering capabilities than CFL lamps. And it can produce evenly distributed light, which reduces excessive shadows and reduces eye fatigue. This is very helpful for pedestrians and motorists to navigate through the parking spaces. Clear light allows the camera to more clearly capture the evidence of a crime or accident.

4. Maintenance

Converting parking lot lighting to LED lights is different from other traditional lighting. LED lighting maintenance is relatively simple. For example, dust and general wear of components, etc., so regular cleaning is required. LED lamps have a service life of up to 50,000 hours, and the maximum light loss is only 30%, unlike more than 50% of traditional lamps. You only need to check the LED lighting occasionally to ensure that the lamp works properly.

5. Reduce energy costs

Once Watt meant more to emit brighter light, and now the ultra-high efficiency of LEDs breaks this rule, and 100W LED lamps can replace metal halides above 300W. Greatly reduce energy costs. Compared with raw incandescent lamps, LEDs produce 40% less energy than fluorescent lamps and 75-80% less power. LEDs can also be controlled by motion sensors or dimmers to further reduce the amount of energy they consume. Similarly, LEDs have an average life of 50,000 hours, compared to an average of 1,500 hours for traditional incandescent bulbs. This saves more than 60% overall.

In the two types of lighting applications for parking LED lighting, if it is not necessary to replace the fixture, we recommend our Parking lot LED Retrofit Kit, which replaces only the original shoebox light or street light bulb.

parking lot lighting led retrofit kit

The high-illuminated luminaires are generally suitable for large parking lots due to their high power. If you are interested in knowing to contact us, we have professional people to answer your questions.


The superior advantages of LED lighting have become an essential lighting device for indoor and outdoor parking lots. Compared to traditional light sources, it not only saves 60-75% of energy, LED lights provide brighter, evener light and offer more lighting options.

If you plan to install or refurbish parking LED lighting, you may encounter some problems, but in the end you will reduce the cost of replacing the bulb and energy costs. Lampshining is an led lighting expert. By filling out our online form message or emailing us, we will provide you with the best parking lighting solution and free DIAlux design.

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