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Oct. 25, 2019

In the summer, I believe everyone is very familiar with the pool. Swimming is a very casual project. It is very cool, and the lighting of the natatorium is very important in order to ensure the light of the indoor swimming pool. The bright and cool swimming pool needs to be illuminated.

With the development of the swimming sport, people are increasingly demanding the facilities of the swimming pool while enjoying the swimming pool. Good venues, equipment, and lighting can bring great pleasure to swimmers, but the most important of these is lighting.

Natatorium led Lighting

Compared with commercial lighting and industrial lighting, the special feature of LED Natatorium lighting is that in order to protect the audience from watching the game, the TV station broadcasts the game and other functions, the swimming lighting should ensure sufficient illumination. The lighting needs to be glare and uniform in brightness, thus ensuring that the swimmer can complete the game task normally.

Different natatorium lux requirements are as follows:

1. Private or recreational pool: 200 to 500 lux;

2. Competition water sports swimming pool: 500 to 1200 lux;

3.4K broadcast: 2000 lux;

4. Training pool: 200 to 400 lux;

Natatorium lighting precautions

Whether it is a newly installed swimming pool or a refurbishment replacement, it is important to have an appropriate level of illumination. For swimmers, swimming pool lighting is first and foremost a safety guarantee for swimmers. According to the design standards of international swimming venues, the swimming pool is 50 meters long, at least 25 meters wide and 2 meters deep. Set 8 strokes each lane is 2.5 meters wide, and the outer lanes of the first and eighth lanes are 2.5 meters from the wall. In places where the water surface is so wide, it is the focus of the swimming pool lighting design to prevent artificial light and natural light from causing glare to athletes, referees, cameras and audiences.

Natatorium led high bay Lighting

Therefore, natatorium lighting must meet the following conditions:

1. The installation of the luminaire should ensure that there is no visual interference to ensure the best results of watching the game;

2. Managers must be able to clearly see the swimmers who are at risk. This can be achieved by limiting the reflected light from the surface of the water and having a horizontal illumination that meets the criteria;

3. During the swimming competition, when the athlete touches the pool, the referee and the spectator should be able to clearly see the action of the touch pool, so that the referee can accurately determine;

4. When holding large-scale events, the vertical illumination value and its uniformity must meet the requirements of color TV broadcasting;

5. High-brightness glare on the wall must be avoided, because high-brightness walls are more likely to produce reflected glare on the pool surface;

Light fixtures selection

Due to the humid nature of the natatorium, most luminaires cannot be used in natatorium. Natatorium lighting now in use features metal halide, gold halogen floodlights and LED lights. The special requirements of the swimming pool for light sources and lamps;

1. The swimming pool lighting should use a light source with high color rendering. At the same time, due to the large number of lamps, taking into account the energy-saving requirements, try to use high-efficiency, long-life light source. 

The main requirements are:

1. Entertainment, public swimming pool: 4000K, color development > 70;

2. Swimming pool of the competition: 4000K, color development > 70;

3. Competition swimming pool (TV broadcast): 5700K, color development > 80;

2. The indoor natatorium environment is humid and chemically corroded, and the lamps should be able to adapt to this the environment. The swimming pool lighting should be fully sealed to prevent dust from accumulating on the light source and the optical reflector. Due to moisture and condensed water, the protection level of the luminaire should be at least IP65, and the luminaire itself should be protected against corrosion.

swimming pool led high bay Lighting

LED luminaires are recommended when we choose natatorium pool lighting. Metal halides, mercury vapor or halogen floodlights have a short life span and a long warm-up time, which takes 5 to 15 minutes to reach full brightness. However, LED lights can achieve maximum brightness immediately after turning on the lights, and the life and efficiency are far higher than traditional lamps. It is also more flexible in terms of color development and color temperature.

In addition, if it is to replace the existing metal halide lamps, the equivalent problem needs to be considered. Because our LEDs have a high efficiency of 150 lm/W. At the same power consumption, LED lights emit light that is brighter than metal halides or other conventional lighting fixtures. Under the same illumination, our 100W LED lamp can replace metal halide above 300W, and our 300W LED lamp is equivalent to more than 700W metal halide. And can save 60-70% energy.

Reducing the glare of LED lights is the most critical issue in this pool lighting. Lampshining LED high bay light offers a wide selection of lenses and beam angles to minimize the effects of luminaire glare.

Why choose us?

1. Reduce energy consumption by 60-80%;

2. Improve the quality of the light source;

3. The product has zigbee control;

4. Brightness is uniform;

5. High color rendering;

6. Instant on/off function;

7. Longer life lighting products reduce maintenance costs;

8. The cost can be recovered in one to two years due to rebates and energy costs;

9. High efficient 150lm/w.

Here are two of our lamps recommended.

1.UFO LED High Bay Light

Support for ceiling and bracket mounting.

Natatorium led light fixtures

2.LED Flood Light

Support for Bracket mounting.natatorium led flood luminaire

For the unique lighting problems of the natatorium, we have professional engineers to analyze the actual venue for you, and tailor your swimming pool lighting solution according to the actual needs of customers. Welcome to contact us.

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