LED High Bay Animal Husbandry Lighting

May. 21, 2020

What is LED High Bay Animal Husbandry Lighting? As the demand for cheap agricultural products continues to grow, there is an increasing demand for cost control of agricultural products. The animal husbandry can only reduce operating costs as much as possible, while increasing production, and LED Animal Husbandry Lighting plays a key role.

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At night, if the light in the livestock industry is dim, not only is it not conducive to poultry farming, but it is also prone to theft and has no other benefits in the field of animal husbandry. Due to the short light of ordinary illuminating lamps, it is necessary to install more illuminating lamps at different positions, which not only has a higher installation cost but also has a poor lighting effect when used.

Modern LED technology lighting is not only much more efficient than traditional lighting, it can save money and reduce the carbon footprint for a long time by saving energy costs. LEDs can reduce energy consumption by 75% per month compared to traditional lighting. It can also benefit the animal husbandry industry in a comprehensive way.

For animal farm lighting, there are four important factors that affect animal behavior and productivity. These are the intensity of light, the distribution of light, the length of a day, and the color of light. By choosing the correct light that is naturally visible to animals, they will become more calm, their aggression will be reduced, and the output will increase, which may produce more milk and quality meat.

The correct installation of lighting equipment and the length of time the animal is exposed to light will have a positive effect on the animal. The 150Lux lighting level is ideal for stable lighting. In this environment, animals usually prefer to be in contact with other animals. If it is in a dimly lit environment, this is limited and affects the animal's mood.

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Different animals will need different types of lighting. Fortunately, today's LED lighting technology can meet the needs of animal husbandry. Whether it is color, distribution, brightness or intensity are already very flexible and controllable.

Advantages of using LED High Bay Animal Husbandry Lighting.

1. More flexible color temperature;

LED high bay Animal Husbandry Lighting controls can be purchased in different color temperature ranges. These color temperatures are in Kelvin (K) and can be selected from 3000-6500K. The latest research finds that the effect of lighting on milk production of cows is about 6000K. The color temperature is ideal for optimizing milk production and animal weight. Perhaps not surprisingly, this color temperature is very close to natural light.

1. Lower operating temperature;

LED High Bay Animal Husbandry Lighting emits much less heat than traditional light sources. Because most of the energy they use is converted to light sources, they are not wasted as heat. This means that the need for cooling lamps is greatly reduced, which can save a lot of costs.

3. Control of light level;

It is very important to be able to control animals from being affected by bright time. Because the summer day is longer, the cows can stay in the light for 16 hours a day, which is also related to the increase in milk production. This means that when the winter daytime is short, farmers can use lighting to keep livestock at the same level of light and maintain milk production.

4. Save money and environment;

LEDs have a long service life (more than 50,000 hours), low power consumption and low operating temperature, which means they are very environmentally friendly. The high efficiency of 160Lm / W makes them save up to 75% energy than traditional light sources. In fact, the investment recovery period of LED lighting is usually about six months. After that, you can make a profit!

LED Animal Husbandry Lighting can not only save farmers' money, but also increase their output in the process. Therefore, the animal husbandry investment in LED lighting is definitely worth it!

LED High Bay Animal Husbandry Lighting

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