How do LED lights prevent glare?

Sep. 26, 2020

How do LED lights prevent glare?

LED lights are now popular lighting tools, with a bit of energy-saving and durable, but at the same time LED lights will produce glare, LED lighting glare will cause damage to people's eyes, then, how does LED lamps eliminate glare?

Which kind of LED light will have this bad effect?

First, what is the cause of LED lamp glare?

1. The choice of LED lamps is wrong: most of the causes of glare are lamps, and LED lamps are not designed for anti-glare treatment. The dizzying “stars” have been jumping around the eyes of the customer.

2, the arrangement of the lights is not scientific: the arrangement of the lights is not reasonable, it will also cause glare. The ubiquitous lighting allows the guest's eyes to find a place to be placed.

3, the number of LED lamps is too much, the brightness is too large: many friends who run stores have always had an idea: the store is always brighter than the dark spot, and the brighter one will also attract people into the store. However, the facts are opposite, because when the brightness is too large, the cornea and the lens will produce light scattering, which will also cause glare. Your shop lighting is like the infrared shooting point of many sniper rifles, and the object is your customer!

Second, how to avoid glare in store LED lighting?

1. Anti-glare LED lamps: The anti-glare of the lamps requires a protection angle. The protection angle is the minimum angle of the eye of the eye-view observer at any position, and has the effect of limiting direct glare. In order to prevent direct glare from high-brightness light sources under normal horizontal line of sight conditions, LED luminaires must have a blackout angle of at least 10-15 degree. In environments where high lighting quality is required, LED luminaires should have a 30° shading angle. Such a luminaire, no matter which angle you look at, will not produce glare!

2. Reasonable and scientific lighting position: What kind of lighting is scientific and reasonable? First of all, it must be clear that the lighting should be designed according to the actual field of the product, rather than a straight line design. If the product needs to change position frequently, you can choose a spotlight with a larger angle. Take the bedroom as an example. How to avoid glare? The luminaire should be installed at the corresponding position on the outside of the bed and projected obliquely, thus satisfying the bed. The effect of the product being brightened is to avoid direct glare.

3, the number of LED lamps is controlled within a reasonable range: in the store lighting, not the more LED lights, the better, but based on the actual product material, exhibition area, color, paint, etc.! This way, not only can meet the general The lighting demand can also highlight the characteristics of the product and create a spatial atmosphere with alternating light and dark.

And the choice of LED lighting manufacturers can let you avoid the above situation to the greatest extent.

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