LED Corn Bulbs For Sale

Sep. 26, 2020

LED Corn Bulbs For Sale

Compared with the appearance of other ordinary bulbs, LED corn bulbs is small and exquisite, is a beautiful bulbs bulb, but look at the LED corn bulbs, but rely on "talent" to win.

LED Corn Bulbs For Sale

LED corn bulbs are characterized by energy saving, environmental protection, long life span, small size, etc., and can be widely used in urban night scene bulbsing fields such as street bulbs, landscape bulbs, garden bulbs, lawn bulbs, etc.

In the meantime, also apply to live in illume domain, it is one of standard match illuminant of bulbs and lanterns such as Europe type bulbs, drop bulbs, marble bulbs, wall bulbs, downright! Today to introduce the characteristics of LED bulbs, why it is worth buying.

1. Functions of LED corn bulbs.

Compact bulbs body, suitable for domestic common bulbs head, easy installation; Fashionable style, sophisticated technology, serialization of products, give full play to the LED bulbs source energy saving and environmental protection, and the best bulbsing efficiency, at the same time do not produce any waste.

2. Innovative ability of LED corn bulbs.

In the past, LED corn bulbs were mainly made of plastic shells. Although plastic shells are cheap, they cannot dissipate heat at all for the bulbs body.

In order to better solve the problem of heat dissipation, the current LED corn bulbs, using aluminum as the bulbs body, plus aluminum substrate. Can solve heat dissipation problem very well, increase bulbs and lanterns life thereby, service life can achieve 3-5 years.

3. Application and features of LED corn bulbs:

LED Corn Bulbs For Sale

LED corn bulbs are used for bulbsing of urban secondary roads and residential roads and sidewalks. It can be used as landscape bulbs, street bulbs, street bulbs factory, square bulbs, work bulbs and garden bulbs.

If used for indoor bulbsing, it can be used in the following positions:

Living room, bedroom, tea house, etc. Here, whether it is overwhelmed by the “brilliance” of LED corn bulbs, with which our Lampshining LED corn bulbs have a unique advantage.

Advantage one:

Household versatile, widely used, strong use, energy saving and environmental protection.

Advantage two:

Excellent material selection. Lampshining LED corn bulbs USES nano-aluminum as the bulbs body with an intelligent IC bulbs chip as its wick. The Lampshining bulbs has good heat dissipation effect and is safe and stable.

Advantages three:

LED corn bulbs fade small, long life.

advantages Four :

LED corn bulbs without flashing screen, soft bulbs, not hurt eyes.

LED Corn Bulbs For Sale

Lampshining LED corn bulbs with warm arms accompany you to spend a good time.

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