LED street Light Lamp beads problem

Sep. 26, 2020

LED street Light Lamp beads problem

LED Street lamps have been strongly promoted by the state because of energy conservation and environmental protection, and have gradually replaced traditional street lamps. With its use More and more, more or less some failures. For example, many people ask LED lamp lights on the Internet.

Why is it  burnt black? Let's take a look at the following:

First of all, the two main reasons for the blackening of the lamp bead are: high current, oxidation, and possibly the quality of the lamp bead or

The heat is not good.

Let us talk about this big current problem first. Many manufacturers blindly pursue the high brightness of LED street lamps and improve electricity.

Stream to increase brightness. But this will cause great trouble to consumers, because with the increase of current, led road.

The heat of the lamp's bead will increase dramatically. When the current exceeds a certain value, the lamp bead is likely to be damaged.

Even if the lamp bead is not burnt, it is likely to directly reduce its service life.

Then another reason for the blackening of the lamp bead may be due to oxidation. If the electrode is an aluminum electrode, it is easy.

It is oxidized and blackened. Gold electrodes may also be vulcanized and blackened.

Of course, in addition to these two main reasons, there are also some secondary reasons, such as the quality of the lamp beads is not good.

Or the heat is not good. Good quality and low price is still in a minority, the lamp is also a penny, too low price.

The quality of the lamp bead will be a bit worse.

There is also a heat dissipation problem. It is very important to cool the LED street light. If the heat is not good, it will not only give the light.

The beads bring damage and are very influential to the entire LED lamp.

This is a question about the lamp bead. If you want to know about the installation of the LED street light, please continue to pay attention.

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