How to choose LED Light?

Sep. 26, 2020

In recent years, as people's awareness of health lighting has increased, more and more people are paying attention to and buying LED lights. Compared to the past, the price of LED lighting has fallen back to the consumer market. Its prosperity not only enriches the length of the lighting products, but also allows consumers to have more choices in the home decoration process, but more choices

At the same time, it means that it will cause great choices for consumers. In the face of various models on the market, how to choose the right one from the many LED light market, let us find out.

The standards for LED lighting considerations are as follows:

1, color rendering index CRI.

CRI, the abbreviation of color rendering index, is not difficult to understand, it is used to display the color of the light source.

The perfect reference light source has a color rendering index of 100. The higher the color rendering index, the better the color rendering. There is a general reference value range: 80 to 100 — excellent color rendering, 50 to 79 — color rendering General, (less than 50, poor color rendering)

2, color temperature

The color temperature is divided into warm color and cold color. The color temperature of the LED light is also divided into two types, which are expressed in Kelvin and the unit is K. The color temperature corresponding to the color temperature range is as follows: the color temperature of the red light source is between 800K and 900K, the color temperature of the yellow-white light source is about 3000K, the color temperature of the white light source is about 5500K, and the color temperature of the light blue light source is between 8000K and 12000K. High K values, like daylight, help to focus and reflect the actual color of the object.

Low K values like the light at sunset, softer to help fall asleep, as to which one to choose personal preference.

3. Power and integrated light efficiency.

The integrated light effect of an LED lamp refers to the luminous efficiency of a product LED lamp in units of lumens per watt. The higher the value, the better the energy saving effect of the lamp, and the more power saving, so the LED lamp with lumens/watt height should be selected. For LED lamps currently on the market, 16-watt power LED lamps can reach the luminous flux equivalent to 200-watt incandescent lamps.

4, certification

LED luminaires do not know how effective they are, but they are more reassuring if you have a number of authoritative certifications.

These values are important parameters for selecting LED lamps. They determine the energy saving and use effect of LED lamps.

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