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Sep. 26, 2020

LED Street Lights main features of LED light source are:

1. High efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection: Under the same lighting effect, LED lamp can save 90% energy than incandescent lamp and 70% energy than fluorescent lamp. Among them, the LED street lamp can save more than 60% energy than the high-pressure sodium lamp. Combined with the optical sensor system, the comprehensive energy saving rate is more than 70%, and the use of solid-state light source does not pollute the environment.

2, long life, reduce replacement: LED street lamp product design life of 50000 hours, up to 10 years.

3. Good color rendering: LED lights and sunshine are very close, the scenery is becoming brighter and brighter, which increases the aesthetic feeling of the city; the brightness distribution is even, the light is soft, the surrounding light pollution is not light, reducing driver's eye fatigue, and reducing potential safety hazards.

Large-scale use of LED street lights will save a lot of power and energy consumption every year, effectively reduce energy consumption per unit of GDP, and help the government quickly achieve the goal of energy saving and emission reduction.

Therefore, using energy-saving LED street lamp to transform the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp is a fact that benefits the country, the people and the future.

The following recommendations are our highly efficient and energy-efficient Mars series led street light, which is used by our company to replace traditional lamps. Our LED street light meets the above conditions and has the following advantages.

mars series led street light.jpg

1.Excellent for main roads, collecting roads, and roundabouts

2.Complete illumination across the entire roadway

3.No external reflectors required

4.Safe for industrial applications

5.High performance design

6.Dramatic energy savings

7.IP65 waterproof


LED street lamp industry is developing towards better discharge.

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